TrueCombat:Elite (also known as TC:E) is a modification to first-person shooter Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Developed by “Team Terminator” and Studio Groove Six, the modification – like Enemy Territory itself – is released as freeware. While Wolfenstein Enemy Territory takes place during World War II, TC:E modernizes all aesthetic elements of the game while preserving the fast-paced first person shooter style of gameplay which is often compared to Counterstrike.”

Website: www.truecombatelite.com

Enemy Territory
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Security Patch 2.60b
CQB Alpha v.0.22
CQB Alpha v.0.222 Patch

Create a new file containing the following and save it as “cqblauncher” in the Enemy Territory directory.

export ETSDL_SDL_LIB=”libSDL.so”
export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=”alsa”
LD_PRELOAD=”${LD_PRELOAD}:/CHANGE/TO/INSTALL/LOCATION/et-sdl-sound.so” ./et.x86 +set fs_game cqbtest +set com_soundMegs 64 +set com_hunkMegs 256 +set com_zoneMegs 64 +set s_khz 44 +set r_maxpolyverts 16384 +set r_maxpolys 4096$*

*You must change “LD_PRELOAD=”${LD_PRELOAD}:” path to the “et-sdl-sound.so” location.



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