LinuxGameCast Weekly EP49 — Summer Glau Linux

Coming up on Linux Gamecast Weekly: The DN4E of Linux games updated! NVIDIA and AMD release new drivers. Steam downloads Windows games and Linux has a new Zombie survival golf sim. Then we throw the chairs at Stacking. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


Getting those Steamy Windows data files

  • This could be handy for grabbing data files from the native client without keeping one in offline mode.

  • Interesting that it will still try and launch the game /w WINE. Remember the TrackMania demo?

Steam News :

The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief

  • Episodic style adventure game with three parts.   Buying in gets you all 3

  • The name is a wee bit misleading.

    • Totally

  • Still think we need a decent Stealth’em-up or two under Linux.


We listened our players and decided to release Forgotten Myths CCG on Linux.

  • That’s nice! Unfortunately, the game crashes for me right after the “Connecting to Server” message.

  • *downloads* Oh, a card game? rm

    • But…but venn.    Its time to du-du-du-du-duel!


Change gear, change gear, murder a prostitute

  • The Linux version is still in testing.

  • I still have the same VSync tearing issues, it defaults to fullscreen and then disables my external monitor. No improvements on our side.


Teleglitch: Die More Edition

  • Hotline: Miami XtraPixel Edition!

  • I remember playing this a few months back. Overhead pixel meh.


AMD Catalyst™ OpenGL 4.3 Beta Driver

  • You can still hear the echo of AMD’s “Oh shit! OpenGL 4.4 is already out and we don’t support anything higher than 4.0.”

  • “Unigine Heaven – Performance has been improved up to 11% on single GPU configurations”

    • Let’s put that to the test shall we?

    • I dunno about you but to me, that looks like a 3.3% decrease in overall performance.



  • Support for OpenGL 4.4 and GLSL 4.40.

  • Fermi or Kepler based GPUs needed to get access to all the OpenGL 4.4 and GLSL 4.40 bits

  • Love how NVIDIA maintains parity between Lin/WIN

    • Yup.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

  • Nvidia support OGL and GLSL 4.4, AMD rushes to catch up with the OGL 4.3 beta driver.


The Curse of Nordic Cove

  • Looks like our type of game.

  • Zombie survival golf sim.   The graphics are a bit dated, but for 5 bucks on desura, it was worth the 30 minutes


The DN4E Of Linux Games Updated (Overgrowth a200)

  • 2 new rabbit models with 3 textures each

  • characters can have unique base morphs

  • arena progress is saved between games

  • improved passive blocking during sword fights

  • Hey, you can preorder for $29.95


Planetexplorers Alpha (thank eshep)

  • Nice to see another Kickstarter game in alpha testing *Glares at carmageddon and Distance*

  • You can still get in for $21 wet stinky cashes.

  • That was one slow going torrent.

  • Hmmm… You need to buy a $21 pre-order key to play the Alpha.

    • (Are you insane? $21 for an Alpha? And I don’t even get to TRY the game first? NOPE!)

    • Sent them an e-mail in the meantime.

    • It was a Kickstarter so I get the price. See if you can wrangle some testing keys.


Legends of Aethereus is out? (PC MAC only?)

  • Pick it up for $29.99 from GMG

  • Don’t PANIC: The key will work with the Linux version.

  • PANIC: The multiplayer beta was completely unplayable on our Ubuntu test box.

    • As well as on Fuduntu and Linux Mint!


F-1 on MY Linux?



  • Racing game? Oh, hells yes!

  • Blender game? This could suck ..HARD!

  • Not knocking Blender (really I am) but only a handful of people can make proper games with the engine.


Cinematic Puzzle Platformer Monochroma Kickstarter Includes Linux Demo

  • Again and again we say it, and nobody listens.   Its like screaming at a brick wall at this point.   Quit zippin’ yer goddamn linux games.    There are better archive formats and much better compression ratios god fucking dammit!

  • This is how you do it gentlemen and gentlemen.

    • Release a Linux demo and set a reasonable funding goal.

      • All  you suckas take note!

  • Wow! I only have 2 things I have to sink my critic nails into: Respawning after dying takes foooooooreeeeeeeeeveeeeeeer and the character animations are still a bit blocky.

  • But I’m pretty sure those will be fixed by the time the game is out.


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Stacking


Devel: Double Fine

Engine: Buddha

Price: $14.99

Makes with the working


  • OOTB on Ubuntu 32-bit 12.04 LTS NVIDIA




Shiny / Sounds


  • It looks fantastic but suffers from the Double Fine herky jerk (everything on 11)

  • The random grunts get OLD with a quickness. I LOATHE filthy stink creature human contact but no voices ..ever.


  • Got some of the herky jerk on the steambox and on the nvidia powered laptop


  • I’m the one with the calculator and I didn’t suffer from any of the herky-jerks XD

  • Doesn’t get the perfect score because of the sound effects and background music get a bit repetitious




  • Does not work with my Logitech Precision gamepad. This is NOT an engaging FPS. Would rather a sit back experience.

  • Camera points tits up after every, fkn, cutscene.


  • Only really tried the keyboard.   The control scheme is a bit weird at first, but you get used to it.   Dinging it a chair for that


  • Mouse and keyboard work perfectly

  • even on those few timed puzzles I ran into, the controls were responsive.

  • Didn’t have Venn’s issue with the cutscenes




  • Sooo (cutscene) many (cutscene) hints (cutscene) tips (cutscene) and tricks.

  • Did I mention the cutscenes?

  • cutscenes


  • There are a hell of a lot of cut scenes.   So many cutscenes….

  • The game has a very interesting concept, I think its pretty cool, but I ain’t all that entertaining


  • I love that it has multiple solutions for each of the puzzles

  • It’s one of the best looking Linux native games out there. (Until Crysis comes along)

  • does have a lot of cutscenes

  • and it has a “Hold my hand” mode when you push the Spacebar – lest you get lost.




L.G.C. |Reviews|


Is there a good program to test game performance on in linux?……

  • No.


Cover our game on your show! Unvanquished kicks butt!

  • Like we did on EP08, EP16, EP25, and EP47?

  • We follow the project with a vengeance.

  • Cameron, keep us posted in case we miss anything.

  • From what I’ve played, the humans keep winning.


WINE, prostitution and Gentoo

  • I completely disagree with your point. Pedro, whore it out baby.



  • It…its beautiful

  • Ain’t gettin’ any more meta than that!


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