Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Owning The Next Cloud

SourceForge kills DevShare bloatware! Endless OS takes on Chrome, ownCloud gets discredited, and VirtualBox moves away from DKMS.

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Nextcloud / Owncloud

  • Frank Karlitschek, one of the Owncloud founder leaves and then create a fork of the project. A whole bunch of core developers leave as well.
  • Following that, the lenders of Owncloud in the US have pretty much immediately cancelled their credit. The German division remains unaffected.
  • Personally never been a fan of OwnCloud because it felt clunky the few times I’ve tried it and was sold to me as a Dropbox alternative when it clearly was not.
  • They had their credit pulled by investors.
  • Mainly because Frank noped.
  • Yeah, it’s bad when the founder leaves.



  • Torus, a new open source distributed storage system designed to provide reliable, scalable storage to container clusters
  • I want to find this cool but I haven’t worked on projects big enough to require that kind of technology
  • When they say “Containers need persistent storage” I feel like they created a problem themselves. I’m very old school when it comes to containers (if something that is 3 years old can be considered old school), I’ve always used LXC and I haven’t switched to Docker because of this lack of persistent storage.
  • So don’t say that it’s a problem with containers, it’s a problem with Docker (which happens to be advertised as a feature).
  • Anyway, if you have an infrastructure that requires that, it’s pretty neat. And when I say “requires” I mean millions of users and petabytes of data.
  • Prototype version available on the Github.
  • They provide the example of having PostgreSQL running on top of flex volumes backed by the Torus Storage of Container. That way, I can sort of see its usefulness.
  • It provides an extra sandbox for the database itself.


Lite 3.0

  • Lightweight distro targeted at your typical dual-booter.
  • It’s based off of the latest Ubuntu LTS and it runs XFCE.
  • Biggest difference from Xubuntu really is the aesthetic defaults and software selection.
  • Should I say what I think about distros that are basically a custom theme over an existing distro? This could get us some feedback for next week at least.
  • But first … XFCE yeah, not Gnome… XFCE gotta get this right, this is important.
  • Oh you know what? Your distro is basically useless, just provide a shell script and a tar.gz already. I’m not interested in formating one of my hard drives just to try out your XFCE theme.


Endless hope

  • T’was but a matter of time until ChromeOS and its proprietary nature started inspiring people to create Libre alternatives. “But Pedro, isn’t that what those ChromiumOS spins are?”
  • Shut up! This is the only argument I could possibly make for having yet another ChromeOS-like, Ubuntu-based Operating system.
  • I don’t want you ruining any chance this OS may have of not ending up in Oblivion like JoliOS.
  • Who am I kidding!? That’s exactly where it’ll end. Especially with ChromeOS getting Android App support in the near future.
  • Wait… why is this website comparing ChromeOS with a Gnome based distro?
  • If any comparison could be made it would be with Linpus which was Acer’s distro for netbooks in 2008.
  • And if you want to compare ChromeOS to something… I don’t know… compare it to emacs!
  • No play store =’s Cloud Linux of MEH.



  • Kinda have to agree with Michael Speth, again.
    • Are you agreeing with a comment that was posted on that G+ post? Because those have been deleted and the comments disabled, because people being “butthurt”.
  • This is about as useful a benchmark as getting repeatedly kicked in the groin by the same person and being asked how much it hurt after each kick.
  • I’m bringing this up because @linuxhippie on Twitter asked us to benchmark SolusOS when 1.2 came out.
  • If I had a spare SSD, I would.
  • If you have an outdated Laptop and need a Linux distro Solus 1.2 is your jam.
  • I want to try Solus. Not because of the performance. I’ve given up on the concept of a particular distro being faster than another 6 years ago. But because it’s the distro that drives the Budgie desktop, which I find very interesting.



  • At first glance I didn’t think much of it, but the move I looked into it the more I liked it.
  • This is not just for noob users.
  • It’s also useful a cheat sheet to keep when you’re a fledgling Linux sys-admin.
  • The only thing it needs is a big ol’ search box and a comprehensive index.
  • The content is available on Github as well but not the website itself.
  • Maybe the fact that everything is stored as Markdown explains the lack of a search engine?
  • I like the effort made with the design for this. Remember when we had to learn Linux with HOWTOs written in  basic HTML with no stylesheets?


  • Freyr Ó

That’s a start

  • Unfortunately it’s way too late.
  • Still want to figure out a way to help developers earn money through the site.
  • New management and a clear, solid first step to getting rid of the bullshit adware.
  • Of course, it won’t change anyone’s opinion.
  • The people that did move away from SF are now lodged somewhere else and they’re not about to break flow just to go back.
  • And the ones who didn’t, well chances are they don’t give a damn, because I’m pretty sure they never made any significant money from DevShare. If any at all.
  • We want to restore our reputation as a trusted home for open source software” why didn’t you do so when Sourceforge was still relevant? Does it take a whole team of new managers to tell that it was a terrible idea?
  • SourceForge will soon institute full HTTPS support for both SourceForge and Slashdot” what do you mean “soon”? It takes at most a day to migrate a site to full HTTPS, including a whole lot of slacking off on Twitter.


No DKMS for Linux anymore

  • This is the 5.1 beta 1 release of VirtualBox, Oracle’s VM offering.
  • The GUI has been migrated to QT5, had several bugs fixed and the new VM setup lets you pick where the new VM will be located (instead of you having to move it later).
  • But the big thing is how it no longers relies on DKMS to rebuild the kernel module whenever there’s a Kernel update.
  • I personally haven’t had issues with DKMS in several years.
    • Coincidentally, since I stopped using the proprietary AMD and Broadcom drivers for the Calculator.
    • Both NVidia’s and VirtualBox’s DKMS dealings have had no issues on my end.
  • So, I don’t see the need to move away from it unless they’re looking to dump the Kernel Module entirely or they think they can do it better.
    • I’m curious about how they will handle kernel updates
  • I’ve had an issue with VirtualBox about the kernel modules but I’m pretty sure they weren’t related to DKMS. This got fixed a few releases back.


Mein Komfy Library

  • Eh, a LOT of these games should have not been there in the first place.
  • If you had them you gets to keep them.
  • Mainly being pulled because they are on the index of ‘media harmful to young persons’
  • Great, now I have to use Google Translate to understand what we’re covering on the show.
    • I don’t because German master rac… wait.
    • Recently, ( on 31/05/2016 ) many titles in the Deutch Steam store were made unavailable . Games listed on the index :
  • Is there any reason why these games were removed? Wolfenstein I can understand (it’s not on the list because it’s never been accepted in Germany to begin with) but Rune or Alien vs Predator, what up with that?



  • Interesting idea!
  • Stream once to ReStream and their service will restream to as many services as you have accounts.
  • Does this respect the legal terms of every streaming platform it streams to?
    • One way to find out.


Thanks Obama

  • You made your choice, heathens.
  • Lie in your bed of mighty pain Bwahahahahahahahahahah!
  • Somewhere, a Microsoft data analyst sees a guy in California booting Windows, opening Steam, playing Doom for an hour then shutting down Windows.
  • If people are more willing to deal with Windows 10 rather than switching to Linux, doesn’t that mean that we, Linux users and developers, have failed?
  • My opinion on that matter has always been that Microsoft is a private company delivering proprietary software. They are totally within their right to do every bit of nasty stuff they’ve been doing lately. No one is forced to use Windows. I hate it when I hear “I don’t have a choice”. Yes, you do. You might have to give up some habits, relearn some stuff, change some hardware or even find another job, but you do have a choice.






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