Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Reverse Flash

Barry receives an update, Mozilla gets responsive, and OpenOffice is still a thing?

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu


Malfoy OS

  • It’s still unclear if this is meant to develop malware more efficiently or develop malware protection or both
    • Inb4 “yes”
    • Also yes.
    • The correct answer is “both”
  • There’s nothing but a post on LinkedIn? This is either a scam or a project that is going to fail real fast.
    • Oh, it has an actual website, which does not appear in the first page of Google results
  • Beta testing begins Nov 1.
  • Little red, yellow, purple, blue, and green birds being added to site in support of International Wildlife Foundations.”
  • I will stick with my BackTrack 5 R2 release thank you very much.



  • Spend $9 to buy an x86_64 Android Nougat iso from someone you’ve never heard of
  • Bluetooth doesn’t work and 1GB+ apps won’t work.
  • Since when can you distribute gapps?
  • Ras3 for the win.
  • I usually don’t have any appreciation for the amateur Android developer community, they are sloppy, sketchy and reek of years of Windows experience. There are a few projects that do things the right way: OmniROM, Replicant, F-Droid and a few others but the rest is just a cesspit
  • This is bringing Android cringyness to a whole new level. Of course there’s the usual basic wordpress non-website but on top of that, he’s directly asking for 9 daras for something that has absolutely no added value.
  • Run away this is a scam
  • It’s could be something good, with some clean web design, a Pay What you Want model ala Ubuntu or Elementary and access to the source code.
    • His other build seems to works.
    • Oh, a Sourceforge page, maybe he has something to redeem himself!
    • And no, it’s just used to host a bunch of files. Not a single line of code.
  • WARNING1: You need a modern computer, not telling you what that means but you need one.


Closed Office

  • Oh, wow! Reading the quotes of the devs still involved with open office, is like pointing out to Monster Cameron exactly where he’s wrong and have him argue against the facts.
  • They’re also just as delusional.
  • 160 Million downloads since 2012? Just pull the plug. Everyone will be happier for it, even if they don’t realize it right now.
  • The remaining devs could move to LibreOffice and one person could spend 2 hours per month shipping builds of LibreOffice branded as OpenOffice?
  • Serious question, is there anything wrong doing that? Other than the fact that it would probably bruise the ego of the few remaining OpenOffice team?
  • Hi, my name is 2016 and I would like to introduce you to Google Docs.
    • I’m glad Google Docs works for you but you can’t compare it to Open/Libre Office. Abiword, maybe.


Kernel located

  • I don’t care that the guy is 27 year old, I care that he’s a Florida man, learn how to write compelling headlines Ars!
    • El Portal, Florida.
  • I kinda hoped his name was Sanders.
  • He backdoored “Odin1,” “Zeus1,” and “Pub3,” and a personal email server… five years ago.
  • Picked him up on a traffic stop?
  • So they issued a warrant way back when and got lucky.
  • My question is the same as the one in the article, why? What was he looking for? A way to contaminate the kernel?
    • For the LULZ, grandpa.


Faster Foxfires

  • So much for people who thought that Firefox was going to have one process per tab
    • That would make too much sense.
  • Not sure what to think about how they test new features by enabling they for a percentage of users. Does not seem to be the Open Source way but at the same time it’s also  a pretty good strategy.
  • Reporting a 400 percent improvement in responsiveness and a 700 percent improvement in responsiveness for loading large web pages.
  • It will roll out to the 10% next week but users with add-ons will not be getting the new architecture.
    • Which is everyone?
  • Right now “Multi-threading” means one thread for the browser and another for content.
  • I guess 2 counts as multi… right?
  • They intend to move into multi-process content and sandboxing in the future.
  • Oh! That’s why they don’t have per tab processes. In 2016, they still couldn’t be assed to prevent one content process to interfere with the other.
    • You know, that thing Chrome and every other webkit/CEF browser does nowadays.

Google earf

  • Not a huge update but it’s nice that Google hasn’t forgotten about Linux users
  • Last time Earth was updated, many years ago, Maps wasn’t what it is today.
  • Had some minor rendering issues on Intel GPU
  • Tried to install it on 14.04 but it failed, didn’t even check the error.
  • First time I used a touch screen on the Linux was with Earf.
  • Is it still WINE wrapped junk?
    • Nope, native QT.


Youtube music

  • Electron story of the week
  • Looks like most of the dev team is 15 years old (which is a good thing)
  • Add integration and I might use it.
    • But it’s very hard to do properly with Youtube which doesn’t provide Artist and track name info
  • Even without, I might use it anyway, it looks pretty cool
  • Works /w YT, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.
  • As someone who starts each day /w okay google, OKAY GOOGLE, O.K. GOO..oh FFS! Now you decide to work? Ahhhhhhh!11! …just play some type o”
    • Sell this to me, why would I use it?
      • Don’t. If you’re going to use a dedicated app for playing music just use Audacious or Rhythmbox. The latter will let you play stuff from several streaming services, or just add your own streaming server if you’re only pulling audio.
      • Or you know, VLC. Which does all of that and integrates with Plex.
      • None of the above players will let you search Youtube
  • Has an online DJ feature I absolutely want to try
  • Will let you import existing Youtube playlists


Intel Driver Updater

  • I’ve never understood why Intel GPUs needed such a tool, isn’t it supposed to be all open source?
    • So this is a must for updating Intel drivers?
      • It brings the intel specific bits of Mesa in line with the current version, instead of whatever outdated one Fedora or obsolete one Ubuntu are shipping.
      • Which is pointless. Because if you’re going to use this might as well use the Oibaf PPA or the Griever COPR and just get the latest complete Mesa all the time with one update command.
  • Oh well, more free updates, yay!


It just doesn’t die!

  • Sodding hell! Just let it bleepin’ die!
  • Flash won’t die by treating Linux user like garbage.`
  • Flash will die when content publishers will stop using Flash and switch to HTML5
    • All the good ones have.
  • As long as Flash is around (and it still is, sadly), we deserve an up to date Flash player just like everyone else.
    • I have the pepper Flash in Chrome noped, don’t miss it.
  • What exactly uses Flash in 2016?
    • Adult websites
    • No, not in 2016.
  • I for one would like to thank Apple for getting this movement rolling.



  • Sooo, it’s basically Lubuntu with a slightly different package selection?
  • Couldn’t a shell script with a tar.gz do the same thing on an existing Ubuntu installation?
  • This makes me want to install Solus
  • The only thing this (claims) to bring to the table is power efficiency?
  • So it runs on horribly power inefficient hardware from the long long ago? Fascinating.
  • This one I honestly don’t get.


Piece of cake

  • This is brilliantly done, I like the simplicity and the scratch-like UI
  • Too bad that the Linux version is not yet released
    • Don’t worry, it’s a VP port.



  • I’ve never purchased a Google product expecting support.
  • Reminds me that I still have to try to install Marshmallow on the 2012 Nexus 7



  • On the topic of the RasPi PSP.
  • If we take into account the PSP is just a handheld PSX, it is pretty damn retro.
    • From what I’ve played on PPSSPP, it looks closer to an handheld PS2
      • Until you look at the resolution and see that it had a 480×272 screen when the PS2 could render up to 1080i.
  • For me, consoles stop being retro after the Nintendo 64

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