LinuxGameCast Weekly 311: Hipsters From Vulkan

Valve’s Artifact gets a release date, Rocket League enables graphs, Feral teases Total War: WARHAMMER II and Battle Royale finally comes to Linux.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Just a blip

  • Sorta have to agree with the article’s conclusion.   There isn’t really one dominant factor causing user decline
  • certainly some very popular games have come out recently that aren’t being deployed via steam
  • This is only one data point though.   Curious if the trend keeps up next year.  Cue the wheel of booga booga
  • Steam is a long damn way from dying but we’re all hoping they will pull a Summer.
  • I don’t think every studio releasing their client is the solution.
  • Fortnite being the most popular game right now and it not being on Steam is certainly pulling some people away.
  • That said, and they mention this, Steam always has a bit of a drop during the summer.
  • There are no AAA games coming out for Windows during this time, so people go do other stuff.


Cards against Penguins

  • Given basically everything valve has put out aside from alien swarm have made it to linux, this isn’t a surprise
  • Will the cards in artifact be the same as the regular steam trading cards?
  • Hey, at least they didn’t diddle around with saying what platforms it will be available on.
  • So it’s $20 on release… how long until it goes full DotA and become free to play?


Steam item scams

  • So people are creating games, copying the art and names from other cards/items and putting them in their own.  Supposedly these items are indistinguishable from the originals
    • Is that illegal?   Probably, but the issue here is that they’re trying to scam item traders
  • Apparently scams like this this can get you more than the $100 to get on steam, so we’re probably going to see more of this sort


The fix

  • Valve’s solution for now is to warn you that the item is coming from a game you don’t own
  • Better fix: Quit trading imaginary bullshit.
  • I like how VALVe is only slightly sidestepping the issue instead of curbing it outright.
  • Oh! That’s right. VALVe still makes money off of these scam transactions, that’s why they’re not interested in killing it.


Writer returns


Kerbel Out

  • I’m only half joking when I say things but they probably wanted to make games.


Barry returns

  • “…arguably one of the worst aspects about the old format…”
    • That’s just like… your opinion, man!

Steam: Game Updates

Rocket performance

  • It’s got what graphs crave.
  • Guessing this is some internal shite they enabled for the end user.
  • The new FKY track is live for multi.


Regular Human Release

  • It’s out.  It’s cheap.   It’s 100% distilled aftershowzen bait


4X 40k

  • I’m not the biggest fan of 4X.   I do love me some 40k though. Grimdark and cheesy
  • You get Orks, Space Marines, Imperial guard and Necrons.   I wants me some Tau though
    • For the greater good
  • Maaaaaaay take a crack at this for a Thursday strem


Ultra Update 1

  • If they would come down on the EA price I would pick up a few copies to play around with.
  • Apparently they didn’t make their linux stretch goal, but eventually acquiesced
  • Yeah, this game does not have online multiplayer support.
  • Says it does on the store page, but it don’t.
  • Devel said two years ago he was working on it and last month posted an update saying it’s not going to happen because reasons.
  • It’s a Mario Kart clone that’s been in development for three years.
  • This is designed to be played with others.
  • Without proper online multiplayer I’d rather play Super Tux Kart.

Steam: New Games


  • New skin-pack for Total WAR being sold as a new game.
  • However, if this is your thing, good news!
  • Well, if it’s your thing and you only do the singleplayer bit.
  • First tweet reply is asking about cross-platform multiplayer.
  • Something tells me that may not happen.


Totally Not Fortnite, You Guys

  • Fig funded game.
  • I honestly want this not to suck.
  • We’re never getting PUBG and or Fortnight.
  • Jeez…It looks exactly like fortnite
    • Yup. wonder if the PUBG guy will trying suing them as well.


Forsaken Remasterd

  • This looks a lot like forsakenX but that’s not a bad thing.
  • Ported by ole Ickybutts.
    • S’why you should be supporting him on Patreon
  • And unlike Turok, the Linux version came out at the same time as the Windows version.



  • ProcGen metroidvania.
  • It actually looks pretty good
  • Asking price is a wee steep, but if the quality is there then it might just be worthit


Early Panzer

  • Still not 100% sure how I feel about jank as aesthetic



  • It’s a walking simulator.  But you’re flying
  • Might be fun if you’re on shroom.



The price of games

  • What can be done for £32,381?
  • One of the best platformers released in the last decade.
    • One of the best games released in the last decade! – FTFY
  • That’s what.
  • And here I was thinking I was done sucking off Team Cherry.
  • They made Hollow Knight with a budget of 40K.
    • They made about 4 games worth of content on a budget of 40K
  • And and they delivered a day-1 Linux port.
  • I want everyone to keep all of the above in mind the next time a developer bitches out on delivering a Linux port.
  • Hell, I want you to keep it in mind the next time a developer delivers a busted peice of nope and demands gratitude for it.
    • Hi, Garry!


Humble Sports

  • You can pick up Dirt, Hockey, and F12017 for $12.
  • Worth the £4.52 for DiRT Rally.



  • New stuff includes a search bar for spells, advanced launcher options and superior save scumming
  • Shadows are not implemented yet.
  • In the video they say version 0.45 is coming soon with a lot more performance improvements.


Never include the assets (eMpTy)

  • Empty had the right conclusion in Discord earlier in the week
    • Bee-tee-dubs, you should totally join our discord by becoming a patreon
  • EA’s a scumbag organization, but they were in the right here
  • The project is apparently going to get rehosted minus the assets
  • “I just wish they’d have reached out first, I would’ve gladly removed the content quickly and without issue,”
    • Oh FK right off.
    • Everyone told you and unless you have to wear arm floaties when eating soup you knew better.
  • We just talked about OpenMW, there’s a reason they called it OpenMW and not OpenMorrowind.
  • Bethesda gets very litigious when they sniff anything that might trespass on their trademarks.
  • Do you think Credit Cards Electronic Arts would let that fly?


SCUMM Trekk (eMpTy)

  • Support for the DOS Star Trek: 25th anniversary, and potentially Star Trek Judgement rites has been added to ScummVM
    • Judgement Rites uses the same engine, but who knows
  • Apparently the ship combat hasn’t been implemented, so playing the game throught ScummVM will skip those segments for now


Demo of Glyph

  • He just clicked export, but at least he’s upfront about it
  • As long as dude is upfront about it and you know the level of support you will be getting in the future.


Retro pew pew

  • Guy’s trying to provide a frills and clean engine for quake II style games
  • Can’t say removing the graphics layer won’t get rid of a bunch of deps, but at that point who the hell is going to want to use it to develop anything?


Retro Python

  • Simple 2d Game engine done in python
  • Available via PIP if you don’t wanna build it yourself


OpenRA Playtest

  • Smart move ditching the .deb package for appimages.   
  • As a fedora user, it always kinda bugged me when projects would only provide ubuntu installers
    • Don’t worry, in the future installation will be a Snap.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Super Blood Hockey 
Webzone: Super_Blood_Hockey
Devel: Loren Lemcke
Engine: Monogame
Price: £5.59 / US$7.99 / CA$8.79

Wazzat: Relive the golden age of arcade sports gaming with Super Blood Hockey — A violent homage to classic 8-bit and 16-bit ice hockey games.


Does It Launch


Performance @ 1080

  • 60 hipster-pixels-per-second… most of the time.  


  • One glitch in the tutorial but it sorted itself.


  • Steam controller mapped correctly.


Does It Launch

Performance @ 1080

  • Make sure to disable vsync for maximum ferps


  • Zoom issue was there, sorted itself out


  • Picks up the dual shock 4


Does It Launch

  • Actually remembers fullscreen/windowed settings.

Performance @ 1080

  • Performance is great, unless you’re attempting to record it.


  • Much like Venn, during the fight scene in the tutorial, the game zoomed in all the way.


  • Controllers work, both the 8bitdo and the Mistress.

QA Score:



  • Venn:
    • Someone put MegaMan music in my hockey game.
    • This reminds me of NES sports and that’s not a bad thing.
    • It’s dead simple and hard to cock up.
    • On easy it’s a proper challenge.
    • Cutting the blood up to 500% is, cute.
    • Has a battle mechanic like the old basketball fighting game.
    • Lot’s of mutators to tinker with but some have to be unlocked.
    • No online multiplayer :(
    • It’s alright and a safe thing to try because you will know if it’s your JAM in the first five minutes.
  • Jordan
    • Man I fucking hate this game
    • I like how the AI has all it’s shit together while your team is derptastic
    • Honestly I’ve never really got the appeal of sports games.    I haven’t played too many of them
    • This is not one that changes my mind in any capacity
  • Pedro
    • I hate sports games.
    • I thought maybe, with its focus on the goofy stuff and the emphasis on violence, may I could find something to enjoy here.
    • I didn’t.
    • It’s hipster pixel hockey game with perhaps the most annoying soundtrack I’ve heard since Pawarumi. Minus points for reminding me of that game!
    • The only so called sports games I enjoy are racing ones and even then I draw the line on F1 games.
    • Don’t like it. Didn’t change my mind on the genre and got itself muted pretty damn quickly.



Hate Mail:

Survival games RIP Rust

  • Indeed, they have been pushing out updates on the regular.
  • Would have lost that bet.
  • Performance is a lot better and it still noms 5GB of memory RAM.  
  • There you go, this game is a legitimate reason to have 16GJ.

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