LWDW 146: Penguin Festivus

L33t hacker desktops, hidden Raspberry Pi’s, holiday gift ideas for Linux nerds and a handy tool for making the web less blinky.

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Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro

L3£7 #4x0Rz

  • They had electron everything else, might as well make a desktop environment thing with it too!
  • Cool!  The interface is a combination of an extremely useful terminal and file manager with htop stats.
  • Similar to the Hollywood Hacker terminal interface, but that one is just for show and not functional like eDEX UI (But it does play 007 music in the background!):  https://www.ostechnix.com/turn-ubuntu-terminal-hollywood-technical-melodrama-hacker-interface/
  • The Appimage take a minute to get going, dosen’t it.
  • Designed for touch screen obviously.
  • Disk, network, RAM, storage stats at a glance.
  • I like how it sticks a pin in the globe while interneting.
  • This might be handy to have up when the cable installer visits.


Penguin Festivus

  • The Linux Journal presents 12 holiday gifts under $59 for your linux loved ones!
  • I have several of these gifts in this room!
    • My ZaReason Tux penguin is right here . . . ;-D
      • And this adorably soft Tux can be purchased for $19!
      • ZaReason makes wonderful Linux computers and laptops, and a Tux penguin backlit keyboard that is now on sale for $25!
      • http://zareason.com/Lighted-Tux-Keyboard.html
      • Also, ZaReason donates to LinuxChix LA.
    • And many of the unixstickers are on this cabinet.
      • unixstickers is offering the Pro Pack of 10 stickers for just $1 (plus free shipping!).
      • Elite pack of 20 stickers for $19
      • Ultimate pack of 30 stickers for $24
    • Linux Computer Case Badge Stickers on all my rigs.
      • They can be purchased for just a few dollars on Etsy, Ebay or Amazon.
  • The feet on that Tux, wow.
  • Cufflinks are always welcome but I’m the only person in North America who wears French cuff dress shirts.
  • Pi’s are as good as cash, can always find a use for them.
  • Oh hey, I already got myself one of those gifts!


Yearly Fedora

  • Slowing down the cycle.
  • Considering how much overlap you get from 2 contiguous Fedora versions, it makes sense!
  • This way they will have more time for tooling changes, testing and bug fixes that will improve Fedora’s reliability.
  • They want to skip a release to retool a gang of things on the backend to make things better?
  • Or
  • OMG IBM!??
  • Well, I did suggest maybe introducing an LTS wouldn’t be such a bad idea.
  • This seems to be a step in that direction.
  • I hope they do it for more than just the F30 release.


Albi Linux

  • This is amazing considering that Albania was once one of the most isolated countries in the world, up to their revolution from communism in 1991.
  • RTheren in chat brought this to our attention.
  • The majority of the 1,000 desktops in the Municipality of Tirana have already been migrated to LibreOffice.
  • Starting with HR because it was document crazy.
  • LibreOffice Writer and Calc manuals have been translated into Albanian.
  • All governments should use open source and the only people who are against that sell software that is not.
  • Saving a lot of money in Licensing is a pretty damn good idea for a country that’s only recently started to catch up to the outside world.



  • You would think something like this already exists.
  • Especially in today’s day of inclusive and accessible web design and laws pertaining to that by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • This is a chrome extension that helps people with photosensitive epilepsy browse the web without risking having a seizure from an animated GIF.
  • Analyzes GIFs in real time and if they are dangerous, disable them, or slow them down.
  • Two level of danger Jifs according to the W3C.
  • Seriously, how was this not a thing?


Mind your Java

  • This effected flatmap-stream and targeted users of a bitcoin wallet developed by Copay.
  • It’s been fixed but should assume that private keys on affected wallets may have been compromised, so they should move funds to new wallets (v5.2.0) immediately.
  • You can’t rely on random internet developers to vett your code.
  • Looks like NPM has become the perfect breeding ground for repo poisoning exploits.


Linux routes (RTheren)

  • Admiditally Germany has come up with some ridiculous tech ideas.
  • This is not one of them.
  • When was the last time you checked your router’s firmware, logs?
  • These all seem like minimum effort stuff that would have a significant impact on security.
  • Having this set from day 1 would help curb a lot of nasty malware from less tech savvy family members.

Slice of Pi


  • We did it Reddit!
  • Yeah, former employee had a key and management knew about it.
  • When I notice someone screwing with my stuff my first reaction is not to stop them, it’s how to mess with them.
  • Wifi story.
  • In University I too had a router with a guest wifi which would let you give free access to the interwebs.
  • The kicker was you could set up special rules, like replacing all JPGs and PNGs with pictures of cats.



  • Unity performance is much better these days, but had a history of, well, Nope!
  • I have to have an application menu for all my window managers, whether it is visible on the desktop as a shortcut in a menu bar like MATE, or by right clicking on the desktop, like you can in XFCE, wmaker and fluxbox.
  • Minimal and low memory window managers have always been my preferred because that is what I started with on UNIX and Solaris with CDE, twm etc. . .
  • The beauty of Linux is that you can use whatever Desktop Manager works for you!
  • When Unity was first introduced in Ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition, it was the perfect poop storm!

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