LinuxGameCast Weekly 346: More Dicktater

The Borderlands HD update is coming to Linux! DXVK hits 1.0.2, SuperTuxKart has a new release candidate, and the problems with Epic Store exclusives. Then Crashbots faces the CHAIRAQSITION! 

Special thanks to:
Haplo (1K PSU from the wishzone)

04:28 Geo-blocking in the EU
07:38 Valve Index release date
10:17 Steam Workshop submission updates
12:47 Proton 4.2.2
14:10 NTFS update for Steam Beta
17:37 Commission-free Steam keys
20:26 Borderlands 2 HD update
22:38 Tropico 6
25:07 Progress bar simulator
26:58 Epic store exclusives
31:23 Shameless self promotion
36:33 NVIDIA GTX 1650 leaks
40:16 DXVK 1.2.0
42:06 Unreal Engine 4.22
44:00 GDP Win 2 MAX
46:11 SuperTux 0.10 RC1
47:49 CHAIRQASITION Crashbots
57:07 Hate Mail


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News

Geo-blocking in the EU

  • Region blocking or region pricing.
  • Pick one.
  • Considering how Article 13 could very well become the bullet that EU shot themselves in the foot with.
  • Stuff like this, while very good for consumers, will always end up marred in the unpleasantness of the previous.

Valve index release date

  • The article doesn’t mention SteamOS, but there is a SteamOS requirements tab in the “leaked” screenshot provided
  • June 15 seems a little close for valve time
    • They did meet their self imposed deadline for Artifact, as well as that went.
    • According to the SteamDB page, the last release date on the headset itself was June 30th.
  • I do like that there were, at least momentarily, Linux requirements there.


Update to Workshop Submission Process

  • Also goes for the DOTA2.
  • This seems to be an anit-phishing tool meant to signal if your account has been compromised and is used to sell fake items
  • Mind you, lots of folks don’t enable 2FA and re-use passwords, so if a given user’s steam account is compromised, odds are their email account is at risk as well
  • Triple factor authentication for the secondary Steam market… you know, the one VALVe controls and endorses.
  • “In the past, our moderation team would review Workshop items reported by players”
    • “We’re trying to get rid of those people too!”


Proton 4.2.2

  • Nothing crazy here, just looks like a bugfix release
  • You can finally Alt-tab out of Adam Jensen like it’s nobody’s business
  • The fixing of .NET installers is welcome, seeing how many games need those as dependencies.
  • It still doesn’t allow Paladins to work out of the box. You still need to use protontricks to install dotnet40.


Steam beta update

  • Because NTFS is the future
  • Because Proton and streaming?
  • I really don’t know why NTFS would exists on a network and it better be on a network.
  • If you have NTFS anywhere on your system you are simply a damaged individual.
  • I guess the dual booting heathens are significant enough that VALVe thought they’d warrant support for a shared game drive.
  • Allowing the blacklist of duplicates/false positives should make it easier for people with those old Saturn to USB adapters to work properly, now.
  • I’ll have to dig mine out.


Commission-free Steam key

  • People forget to mention this.
  • You can generate a gang of keys and sell them for whatevs.
  • VALVe did limit the amount of keys you can generate based on actual store sales, to supposedly combat the bot farms which were generating cards.
  • But considering the amount of keys people get from Humble and other websites, I’m sure that 30% on store sales only just makes up the lost money from the keys.

Steam: Game Updates

HD Borderlands

  • Watching this unfold it seemed Aspyre was unaware HD textures were a thing.
  • As we uncovered yesterday, there is additional post processing stuff that’s being added as well, so it’s not JUST a texture pack. Which explains why development is even necessary
    • Oh no!
    • Now you will be forced to replay it in HD goodness.
      • D:

Steam: New Games

Tropico 6

  • I never got into Sim Dictator but nice to see the continued Linux support.
  • Not developed by Haemimont, so not likely to see this engine or version of the engine make an appearance in Victor Vran 2.


Progress bar simulator

  • I’ve seen worse ideas.
  • They even have a curses progress bar. That’s…something…
  • Needs bricks.

unEpic Watch

Epic store exclusives

  • To the surprise of no one
  • This is more of a move aimed at publishers and not Devs tho
  • Yep, BL3 got a six month delay but the jokes on you!
  • We’re Linux gamers, waiting six months hardly registers.


NVIDIA 1650 leaks

  • PC gamer spins the wheel of booga booga
  • I’m really hoping they come out with a low profile/PCIE powered SKU.
  • Unless this things is half-height and PCIe powered people gonna be angry.
  • Faster than the 1050Ti and being PCIe powered would be a very good proposition.
  • However, those second hand 3GB 1060s (the shortbus edition) are going for pretty cheap on eBay right now.
  • If it doesn’t do the encoding bits and/or the price is a significant hike from the 1050Ti on release, I think I know which one I’m getting for Nory’s PC.


DXVK 1.2.0

  • Mostly fixes for Squenix games
  • You can finally play PoE at 720P again. For whatever reason
  • Over here, Dissidia doesn’t show a blackscreen so much as a white screen.
  • Path of Exile performance is still a bit of a bugbear.
  • At 1080p on my end it chugs like crazy.


Unreal Engine 4.22

  • RTX On
  • CTRL-F linux reveals shipping a new version of CLANG for windows to produce linux builds



  • If you ever looked at the Pyra handheld and thought to yourself “Man, I need something hotter to give my thighs 2nd degree burns”, this is the system for you
  • No concrete details re: specs
  • They did deliver on the Pocket and Pocket 2, so this could very well be an interesting thing.


SuperTux 0.10 RC1

  • Online multiplayer is on by default
  • Now get to work on shoring up super tux league
  • New map, got wood!

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Crashbots
Devel: Neonchimp Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £7.99 / US$9.99 /CA$11.49

Wazzat: Take control of the latest line of robots and test their fighting capabilities, agility, and endurance in various arenas filled with dangerous obstacles, booby traps and enemies.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys on Curator Connect


Does It Launch

  • Yip.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 @ 2160.


  • Glitchy.


  • Xclone OOTB.


Does It Launch

  • yes

Performance @ 1080

  • yes


  • There be some weird texture flickering. It really sucks when it disguises the panels that zap you


  • Something about the isometric angle makes me want to pull down on the analog stick, so d pad it is


Does It Launch

Performance @ 1080

  • Performance is fine


  • The flickering!
  • I don’t know if they’re textures or tessellation shaders, but whatever it is gives all the supposedly painted bits on each course an effect similar to z-fighting.


  • No rebindable controls.
  • Hell, you get no options what-so-ever
  • In order to record 1080p footage I had to make use of KDE’s advanced window rules to force it into a 1080p window

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • Isometric Pitfall with achievements.
    • Yo run down a lonely road, jump, slide, and pew your way to the end.
    • It can get frustrating at times but nothing that can’t be overcomed.
    • Like a mobile game it tries to hook you with lots and lots of achivements for collecting but don’t care, still finished level.
    • This was (was) a mobile game on the play store but has since been removed.
    • Can’t say I blame them and FK off with your $9.99 pricetag.
  • Jordan
    • The gameplay just isn’t fun
    • Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of this angry birds style model and this game has that
    • The rest of it is just trying to dodge and blast your way through various obstacles, collect coins and unlock other levels
    • Yup, mobile game
    • The obstacles are of varying difficulty, but the real annoying thing is the panels that will either stop you, speed you up or explode you. And because of the aforementioned flickering issues, you can’t see them.
    • So you just retry the leves, brute forcing them. And at that point I kinda lost interest
  • Pedro
    • I will often tolerate buggy games.
    • Hell, I finished all the Bethesda single player games from Morrowind on.
    • So my tolerance for bugs is not the issue.
    • The issue is the amount of bullshit this game throws at you on top of those bugs.
    • It’s also a mobile game and it wasn’t that long ago that I mentioned my general displeasure for games primarily targeted at phones and tablets.
    • The biggest gripe I have with Crashbots, is that it’s not fun.
    • All it did was frustrate me.
    • I work full time as a public servant for the UK government, I get plenty of that shit at work.
    • No need to come home and sit through more of it.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:


  • protontricks 444090 dotnet40
  • Man, that would make for a handy video.



  • Like I said, it’s very hard to find a comfortable bra for my tiny manboobs

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