LinuxGameCast Weekly 410: Dig The Paradigm

Steam Summer sale is live! Nvidia releases a gang of Linux drivers, WINE learns how to EAC, and open-source Diablo 2. Then Everspace faces the, CHAIRQASITION!



05:45 Steam summer sale
09:05 Top Steam releases
11:00 Proton 5.11 GE
13:25 Skullgirls update
15:40 We were here drops Linux support
18:15 Moonshine Maniacs
20:20 Something ate my alien
22:10 Shameless self promotion
25:05 Nvidia driverganza!
32:25 EAC working with WINE
36:10 Lutirs WINE
38:25 Mesa updates
40:55 Open Diablo 2
43:25 CHAIRQASITION: Everspace
55:36 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Summer SAIL!!1!

  • I think VALVe realises people are less likely to buy games if a sale is just a sale.
  • So this time you get points, which you can use to redeem community stuff.
  • The points and bling stick around this time.


Top of May

  • Nibatus made the list.
  • So did Golf.
  • Aaaaand Shellshock.
  • Space Haven and Poly Bridge 2 also have linux versions. The numbers. They are growing



  • More and more Origin fixes.
  • Deep Rock Galactic looks super interesting. Starship Troopers Left4 Dead with navigation puzzles. Now it won’t crash as much
  • Windows Media Player 9 being available in a 64 bit prefix means all games which played wmv or need WMP for something can now be played with the default Proton 64bit prefix.

Steam: Game Updates

Skull pixels

  • Apparently there was a difference in how the linux and windows version ordered hit checks, so now that’s been fixed.
  • I can’t imagine how mad some folks might have been, thinking they were assured a win but due to the mismatch got fucked
  • Hey, it’s always nice to see updates to old games.
  • So the Skullgirls competitive meta is 720p. Hm…


We were here (RTheren)

  • Ever try to slip something kinda important in during a conversation?
  • So their statement about discontinuing linux support is immediately followed by them saying “We know many people are still playing We Were Here and We Were Too for the first time – we see people making screenshots, for instance!
    • “I guess they just can’t do it on linux no mo! Fuck you buddy!”
  • /shrug

Steam: New Games

Moonshine Maniacs

  • Whar giant spider?
  • Wild west counter strike seems like it could be fun. No spray and pray means you need to get good at placing your shots
  • Apparently to run it you need one of those TBA computers. I hear they’re super expensive
  • Looks like your standard arena shooter.


Something Ate My Alien

  • Based on the trailers and description, it seems to be a more advanced dig dug?
  • Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Dig dug is a solid game
  • Big kudos to Rob, who sent us keys for review!


Nvidia 100

  • Max-Q gonna give it to ya.
  • Added a workaround for some Pascal based notebooks, where the GPU could fall off the bus when idle.
    • This is why you need a seatbelt
  • 1650Ti… is that a laptop only version?


Nvidia 450 Beta

  • Now that is an interesting driver release.
  • Added support for Image Sharpening for OpenGL and Vulkan applications
    • Good thing VKBasalt also supports other features, I guess.
  • It works.


Nvidia Vulkan beta

  • Improved performance of vkCmdMultiDraw*IndirectCount on Pascal and earlier GPUs.
  • ALso a new linux specific extension called VK_EXT_external_memory_host, which looks to be aimed at things running in containers or virtual machines
    • This extension enables an application to import host allocations and host mapped foreign device memory to Vulkan memory objects.
    • My WSL senses are tingling
  • I’m currently using the .100 drivers from earlier, since it’s got bigger numbers.


WINE, EAC, and Driver

  • Now the real question is this.
  • Do they flip the bit now and disable the workaround.
  • Or wait a few weeks until people go out and buy some games.
  • If they do that now, they will make it obvious that EAC is designed to spite Linux users, not to actually stop cheating.
  • If you look online, there’s plenty of evidence of cheaters in EAC “protected” games.
  • The only thing it’s doing is stopping WINE users from playing the game.
  • In theory it would be a good move for EAC to give these guys their blessing. It makes EAC more attractive to publishers if more people can buy and play their games with no sweat off their backs
  • The method of implementation is generic enough to potentially help some games, but as one of the developers of this patchset says, “could” and “should” are two very different things


Drunk otters

  • Someone spiked the frenchman’s WINE!
  • That said, Lutris is designed to help people play games, not to walk the bleeding edge.
  • Pedro is 100% correct, the creator of Lutris is a huge fan of LTS releases.



  • Looks like this is coming in the latest Mesa major release. AMD Graphics folks rejoice
  • Once it’s in primetime, I’m curious to see if the intel drivers will try to get it working as well. That’d be a huge gain for IGPU users
  • Before you complain that ACO isn’t working, make sure your distro enables DRI3 by default.



  • We’ve talked about the Open source reimplementation of Diablo 1.
  • D2 is by far the superior game and I’m so happy to see work being done to get it on other platforms
  • They still have a pretty chonky roadmap ahead, so don’t go expecting clicky murder just yet.
  • Interestingly enough, this one is also done in Golang. GO lang!
  • Once this is complete and works on the Linuxes, I’ll do a stream series of it.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Everspace
Devel: Rockfish Games
Engine: UE4
Price: 22.99 / 29.99 / 32.99

Wazzat: EVERSPACE™ combines fast-paced combat with roguelike elements, great visuals and a captivating story. It takes you on a challenging journey through an ever-changing, beautifully crafted universe full of surprises. Shoot, craft and loot your way to victory while the odds are stacked against you.

Mandatory Disclosure: Venn bought himself and Jordan keys, RTheren bought Pedro a key



  • It only wants to run at 2160p in fullscreen and the 2060 can’t really do that.
  • Runs at 1080 in a window so there is that.
  • Proton to the rescue for 1080 fullscreen.
  • Getting around 170 @ 1080 and 45 @2160.
  • Keyboard and xclone work.


  • It’s easy to make a pretty space game.
  • I was playing some pretty Parsec on Linux back in the 90’s.
  • This is pretty, has that going for it.
  • What is does not have going for it is the weak ass flight & combat.
  • Ship control is stuck somewhere between arcade and simulation.
  • So you’re in limbo cocking up both sides of that equation.
  • You think I’m joking? You can strafe, yeah, let that sink in.
  • Combat is straight forward but not particularly satisfying.
  • Never did I feel that I was piloting the SS taint smasher, nay,
  • It was more being pushed along in space in a 360 turret.
  • Did I mention it was a roguelike?
  • I don’t know about later on but the hour I played was live, die, repeat grindy bulls*it.
  • Get a couple $$$, go out and kill some more of the same baddies, die… get more $$$.
  • It does attempt to weave in a story about how you’re a clone but I already watched MOON.
  • P.S. Is has the crafting but thank FSM I tapped the nope button before running into it.



  • It didn’t launch the first time, but the second and subsequent times there were no issues. Maybe i’m too impatient with shader compiling
  • Graphics wise, I seem to be stuck at either 1080P fullscreen or 1080P windowed mode. Fullscreen it is I gu ess
  • I was getting ass performance in the menu so I knocked it down to high. Still holds 60-ish with vsync off
  • A couple weeks ago mentioned that being set in space is kinda cheating if you want your game to be pretty. It’s pretty evident why here


  • It’s very pretty, I’ll give it that
  • The loop is kinda okay. Fly around, get resources and upgrades to help you now, credits to help you after you die and unlock more ships
  • It’s sort of like a more action oriented FTL, which I can sorta get behind.
  • I guess my brief forays into the descent franchise weren’t enough to get me good enough at 6dof fighting to really stand too good of a chance.
  • It’s definitely rewarding to pew pew some enemy ships to death, but once there’s more than 3, I kinda get boned
  • The respawn mechanic gets you ample practise, but 6dof isn’t for me
  • There is a narrative going on, and we get some back and forth between our pilot and our jarvis-ripoff AI.
  • Apparently this guy is a flash clone, which is a good way to diagetically explain the respawn, but I don’t really care about clone drama unless it involves some kind of high school or a star war.
  • Actually. I guess this one does have a star war, I just don’t care about it.



  • It works out of the box with the default option.
  • I suppose it’s good that they offer a version which makes use of the libraries they ship with the game, but I didn’t need it.
  • Hold 62-63 FerPS at 1080p with VSync on.
  • I don’t know what exactly it’s vsync’ing to but it ain’t my monitors refresh rate.
  • Disabling it it runs at 85-90 FerPS with everything on Epic@1440p.
  • Didn’t see the option to do 2560×1440.
  • But it set itself to 1440p after setting it to fullscreen and restarting.
  • I do wonder what the resolution option is there for if it doesn’t let me select it.
  • It looks absolutely amaze-balls!
  • You can rebind all the keys.
  • Space games I’ve always played with mouse and keyboard.
  • And this one allows you to rebind all the things.


  • Yes, right up until it stops me from exploring by sending a bunch of Okkar ships to kill me.
  • That’s been my one gripe with the game this whole time and it hasn’t stopped yet.
  • “Oh, what’s that? You’re having fun exploring the derelicts and fighting the Outlaws?”
  • “Well fuck you and your fun! Here’s three ships as powerful as yours and they’re coming straight for you”
  • If it weren’t for that happening constantly, I would actually give this one four chairs.
  • As it stands, while it is a fun and amazing looking roguelike in space, it annoys me to no end.



Hate Mail:

Zone wars


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