LinuxGameCast Weekly 423: M’Thesda

Amnesia: The Dark Descent goes open source! Left 4 Dead 2 gets its first major update in 10 years, SDL2 comes to Unreal Tournament 99 and why Microsoft buying Bethesda has precisely FK and or all to do with Linux gaming.

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05:51 Steam new hub
08:51 New community awards
12:06 Top releases of August
14:36 7 Days To Die Alpha Stable (seriously)
16:56 Left 4 Dead 2 Last Stand update
19:11 Liftoff adds Vulkan support
21:56 Shameless self promotion
26:21 Microsoft buys Bethesda and why it has FK all to do with Linux.
31:46 Skullgirls developers form a co-op studio
33:51 Terasology 4.0
35:31 Amnesia Dark Descent goes open source
39:11 DYI Azeron game pad
42:16 Unreal Tournament 99 469 update
46:01 Chariqasition: Blasphemous
59:54 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam News Hub

  • De took our jerbs.
  • The previous News hub was borderline useless.
  • It relied on developers pushing the news there for it to have anything.
  • So it was mostly just Steam/VALVe news.
  • Hell, we’ve seen developers who can’t even publish their depots correctly.
  • Croteam comes to mind with the release of SS4.
  • So gathering news from around the web/store/game announcements is a very good way to make the News hub relevant.
  • They call external websites “News Curators”

New Tier of Community Awards

  • Now you have all the fancy updoots for community reviews
  • There are totally groups that use steam for it’s organizational capacities and I guess this is catering to them. More blinky shit!
  • Yeah, that really does show off a side of Steam I know fk all about.
  • I know I have points because Steam tells me when I buy something but that’s about it.


Top of the August

  • DDraceNetwork made the list.
  • UnderMine, Factorio, and Spiritfarer are your Linux entries.
  • All deserving in my opinion.
  • Frog Fractions got a game of the year edition. TIL

Steam: Game Updates

Alpha 19.1 Stable

  • I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that had armor piercing weapons/bullets where they worked as intended without needing several patches.
  • Lots of ladder related fixes.
  • No, not ranked matches. The things you climb up and down.

Left 4 Brad 2 update

  • Everything works out of the box with Linux.
  • Unless your name is Jordan and you own a mouse.
  • It’s free 2 play for another 24 hours if you are watching live.
  • Yeah, definitely make sure you have raw mouse input enabled in the options. It’ll spare you some nasty surprises in game


Vulkan liftoff

  • They bit the bullet and finally upgraded to a newer version of unity, which comes with all the fixes and performance improvements within
  • They’ve added a vulkan renderer for linux and a metal one for mac
  • Smarter AI for more gripping forever alone races, and some multiplayer fixes for the sometimes alone races
  • They finally added a Russian Woodpecker Night Fever environment.
  • Sadly they removed the FatShark goggle animation.
  • Something something online multiplayer.



  • Bethesda and Microsoft have both published Linux titles.
  • Good luck getting ID to use DX12.
  • Twitter lost it’s collective shit when the news came out.
  • Then a large segment of Linux tech click-baiters saw those $7.5 Billion and decided to spread some FUD.
  • Like Linux doesn’t have enough FUD from outside already, we had to have some more from the inside.

Indivisible developers have started up a new co-op studio

  • Good on them.
  • Yes, moar skullgirls-y type of games!
  • Setting up as a co-op is a interesting response to the lab zero fracas. Wish them the best. Hopefully they still support linux

Terasology 4.0

  • It’s a big update and it benefited a lot from the google summer of code contributors
  • Release notes indicate that it’s not the most stable as they’re in the process of a few major overhauls
  • It’s definitely a project to consider if you don’t want to sign up for a microsoft account to log into minecraft

Amnesia: A The GNU Descent

  • For the love of FSM someone add a gun to one of these games.
  • Plenty of cursy words floating around in the source.
  • I got some C++ errors about comparing strings to chars when attempting to build so I gave up.


Spider pad

  • 2 things missing:
    • An optical sensor so you could use it as a mouse
    • A d-pad behind the analog stick.

Unreal Tournament v469a

  • Now with SDL2 goodness.
  • Works with Proton as well.
  • All the guides for setting this up are hella out of date.
  • It’s drag-n-drop, that’s it.
  • Tap that fullscreen button if you want an adventure.
  • Copy and paste works on linux now, yay!
  • Unicode support. So I guess you can now spam emojis in chat?
  • There’s also a compile option to change your binary location

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Blasphemous
Devel: The Game Kitchen
Engine: Unity
Price: £19.99 / $24.99 / $28.99

Wazzat: Blasphemous is a brutal action-platformer with skilled hack’n slash combat set in the nightmare world of Cvstodia. Explore, upgrade your abilities, and perform savage executions on the hordes of enemies that stand between you and your quest to break eternal damnation.



  • Better have Steam Input per-game enabled or you’re going to have an odd time.
  • Yeah, it can’t seem to decide if my PS4 controller is an Xbox or not.
  • Only had it bug out once by showing a prema game over screen.
  • Runs at 60 @ 2160.
  • Hipster-pixel but well done.


  • This is 100% a Pedro game.
  • Right now I’m at the “play until baddie lands cheap shot knocking me to my death” phase of the game.
  • I should really start out by saying I have been playing not Hollow Knight II.
  • The fast paced combat, movement, and fluid animation might have spoiled me.
  • I like the pixels, enjoy the Chatholic theme, and the music is a bit of alright but.
  • It’s so, damn, slow.
  • Mind you, I’m not talking about the performance, just the gameplay.
  • Like Dark Souls I don’t find the game difficult / challenging, not even in the slightest.
  • All of the challenge comes from cheap hits, stunlock, and a knockback system that’s almost comical.
  • If you can sit around, boop, wait, boop some more you will not find much of a challenge.
  • Also, speedrunning this game must be easy since I managed to scoot by a gang of baddies when I was knocked off a ledge and my spawn point was on the other side of Mordor.
  • If you are looking for a challenging metroidvania stick with Hollow Knight or not Hollow Knight.
  • At $24.99 all I can say is pick it up for the artwork or if you like killing time between boops.



  • Launches OOTB, holds 60, the usual
  • If you keep steam input on by default, you won’t have problems, but you won’t get dualshock prompts either
  • THe pixel art is super clear, no character blindness


  • At first, I thought that this would be another one of those hard action platformer metroidvanias with that borrows more than a few pages from the dark souls playbook
  • And I was right
  • What I was wrong about was how much I’d actually enjoy it. Sure it’s hard and you die a lot, but you also get real good at speedrunning areas cuz you don’t really need to fight everyone.
  • The fact that you don’t lose currency, only mana at death means that if you want you can grind out some better moves
  • Exploring is fun too. The maps are pretty well jaquayed.
  • I gotta give props to the production and art direction. It’s super good All the enemies look like a vatican acid trip and I am here for it



  • It did launch out of the box.
  • And yes, I did go back and wipe the relevant unity3d folder from .config to ensure it worked properly.
  • It refuses to do 144FerPS, usually sitting at 61 with or without VSync.
  • DualShock4 worked out of the box, no Steam input needed.
  • It makes very subtle use of the vibration, I only really noticed it going overboard when in the room with the big censer.
  • Where it gets progressively rumblier and rumblier as the censer swings closer.
  • But the star of the show here is the music.
  • That’s some damn fine music!
  • The visuals are also amazing, especially when compared to some of the games we’ve thrown chairs at.


  • Well… I did only beat it after it came out proper for Linux.
  • But I did beat it!
  • That’s a damn good game.
  • If you like Symphony of the Night, this is very much more of that with an extra dose of catholic guilt.
  • If you’ve played Hollow Knight, this is that without the cutesy bug aesthetic.
  • The rosary beads are the charms, the relics are the exploration items and abilities, and the hearts of Mea Culpa are the Nail upgrades, and the prayers are the spells.
  • Both of these games follow the Symphony of the Night style of metroidVANIA, emphasis on the vania.
  • And much like Hollow Knight, I very much enjoyed Blasphemous.
  • Heck, I might even play through NG+ to fight the DLC bosses.



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