Linux Game Cast 454: Cyberpunk 1444

Wolfire Games files antitrust lawsuit against Valve, Raspberry Pi powered PS4/5 remote play with Chiaki, Nvidia poisons the cryptominer well, tips for X4 Foundations modding on Linux, and a cautionary tale about new releases and Proton.

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00:00 Intro
07:38 Wolfire games takes Valve to court
15:08 Steam golden week sale
07:08 Xen museum
19:03 Worst rated launch ever
22:33 Neir on Linux is busted
25:58 Raccoon simulator
28:03 Plugs & Thanks
35:08 Nvidia LRH series cards
40:38 PS4 on your Pi 4
43:28 Futex 2 take 2
46:18 Jagged Alliance 2 0.18.0
48:33 Eudora 2.1.0
51:03 Modding X4 on Linux
53:03 Review: Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
01:03:58 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Hop hop sue

  • Valve should make a tier for developers who want a larger cut.
  • They get a single store page on Steam and that’s that.
  • They were just first and still are the best – especially with their current refund policy.
  • I was going to say okay, they just want more money, but then I saw they quoted Timmy in the suit.
  • I don’t think I’m buying any games on Humble for a while.
    • Humble was sold to IGN/Ziff.
      • Oh, well in that case I might continue to purchase the odd bundle.
  • Valve’s not the only storefront that demands you keep prices consistent, but I really wish that would go away as a practise
  • And yeah, as light as valve’s lock in is, it is still there and the sense I get from some indie devs is that their relationships with valve is complicated
  • I don’t think this is antitrust level though. Lets see what the courts think

Golden Week sale

  • Two things Japanese developers love, PC & Linux.
    • And porn… Lots and lots of tentacle porn.
  • Danganrompa, RPG maker MV, oneshot, disgaea 2, corpse party are the linux games I could find after a few minutes of scrolling
    • That said, Zone of the enders is dirt cheap so, you might take the opportunity to heretic purchase some stuff you were holding out on

Steam: Game Updates

Xen museum

  • See what the wait was all about
  • All of the development versions of the Xen levels are available as a steam workshop mod for black mesa.
  • Determine for yourself if the wait was worth it.
  • You can semi-interactively experience the massive overhaul Xen went through.
  • That’s cool.
  • I can play the game proper now, so it’s cool.

Wost. Game. Evar.

  • It’s cross-platform bad.
  • Ooof, 8% positive reviews.
  • They do say they’re looking to revise the process by which this happened but if these past few years have been any indication, that will last exactly until the next release happens.
  • Looks like the europa universalis expansions have really been on a negative decline reception wise
  • Maybe it’s just time to cut bait and work on europa universalis V

Nier Disaster

  • Brings gameplay to a grinding halt.
  • Turns out github need spoiler tags.
    • Can’t spoil 11yr old games dude.
    • At least some people think that.
  • People are poking at the problem and it appears to lie with DXVK so who knows.
  • Apparently also happens in Windows if you’re using DXVK.
  • Makes sense, since DXVK is what’s handling DXGI and in the original report the crash happens when DXGI tries to load a MF file.

Steam: New Games

Raccoon Simulator

  • Not as unhinged as Goat stimulator but looks well done.
  • Tactical assault racoon could be enjoyable.
  • So this is Fallout 4: Skateboard racoon at least according to the description
  • You have my attention at the very least
  • Bit of a high price to satisfy your curiosity though


RTX Gamble

  • I give it a week, na, weekend before this is bypassed.
    • If they “mistakenly” release another driver that bipasses it, it won’t really matter
  • This will cause absolute hell for retailers dealing with returns.
  • The arms race continues. In the era of “everything is game for crypto speculators” I don’t know what sort of drastic shit is gonna eventually be required. Either that or the planet will melt

PS4 Pi

  • It’ll run on your PI4 Now
  • No PiS5 for you
  • Pedro said the only fky part was extracting your Playstation ID.
  • Notocu was saying in shat that Chiaki is much better than the official PS4 Remote Play.
  • So that’s good!

Futex you!

  • The new Futex2 Patches are ready for review in the mainline kernel it seems
  • Nothing too earth shattering in terms of a performance boost, but no substantial regressions either.
  • Is this futex take 2?
  • 21% drop in performance in requeue operations is a bit.
  • I get the why, but is the trade off worth it?

Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella 0.18.0

  • Lots of gameplay fixes, but the big linux change this time around is appimage support
  • 30 bug fixes in total.
  • Configurable game speed is always nice to see.
  • Nobody likes to hurry up and wait.

Eudora 2.1.0

  • Apparently there’s a sequel in the works.
  • This one shouldn’t get many updates since it was a game jam project.
  • Apparently YYC is an alternative compiler for gamemaker projects that can improve performance.

Modding Foundation on Linux

  • The X series has been linux friendly for as long as it has been able, but I guess actually making mods for it wasn’t part of their thought process
  • Beko has attempted to reverse engineer this process after some amount of blood and sweat.
  • Nice that someone put the effort into documenting the process.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
Devel: Snoozy Kazoo
Engine: Unity
Price: £11.39 / $14.99 / $17.49

Wazzat: Play as an adorable yet trouble-making turnip. Avoid paying taxes, solve plantastic puzzles, harvest crops and battle massive beasts all in a journey to tear down a corrupt vegetable government!

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys via Curator Connect



  • 1080 & 2160 no issues.
  • Fullscreen and windowed work.
  • The default button layout is bass akwards.
  • And you can’t change them, YAY!
  • Outside of that everything was solid.


  • I’m 20 minutes in and man do I love a surprise.
  • Well, I’m in love with the cute characters and semi dark tone of everything.
  • At its core Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a Zelda parody with the fetch quests turned up to 11.
  • You get a sword, boop some shit, collect items, and murder a snail for rent money.
  • All while ripping everything paper based to shreds.
  • It’s cute, looks the part, controls well enough, has a serviceable story and most importantly… bizarre, it’s bizarre all fk and or all.
  • I like that in a game.
  • Mix that with the good writing (albeit a bit topical) and you have a fun & quirky little game.
  • I do mean little; since this one clocks in around the 2 hour mark and that’s if you 100% it.
  • If they unfuck the controls by adding the option to rebind (because you seriously released a game without that in 2021) AND, well, add more content, they will have something worth picking up.
  • Right now $14.99 is a little on the high side for what amounts to a Part 1.
  • Isn’t that right, Frozenbyte.



  • Launches OOTB on the 8150/RX50
  • The character art is pretty good. Although in some of the larger arenas there is some character blindness
  • The option to switch your button prompts is appreciated
  • That wacked out controller layout isn’t


  • This is very clearly a zelda game
  • There’s nothing wrong with that, zelda is a classic for a reason and this game does pretty well at capturing the essence of what makes the game work
    • Also using a watering tin instead of a lamp. I see you devs
  • There is quite a bit of backtracking over such a small area. Everything is basically on the opposite side of where it needs to be, and your job is to bring it there
  • The sense of humour is pretty good. Our silent protagonist is delightfully chaotic neutral in his actions.
  • The moral of the story here is “Fuck paperwork”
  • It shits achievements pretty regularly at you as well,
  • I like the adventure-time-esque horrible shit covered up with cute shit story
  • All in all, I can’t say that I really learned anything about tax evasion from this game, so I guess it failed in that regard



  • Launched out of the box
  • Holds 144 at 2560×1440
  • You can rebind the keyboard buttons but not the controller buttons
  • I lost count of how many times I hit the B button to dodge and X to attack, when they’re attack and item select respectively.
  • The graphics and sounds all work great.
  • On a technical level, it’s much better than a lot of games we’ve thrown chairs at lately.


  • It is pretty fun
  • And smacking the nuke with the shovel and getting an achievement for it made me chuckle.
  • It is a short game, especially for the price, but there are plans to introduce new content.
  • According to the devs version 1.10 is the one we’re waiting on for that.
  • But I can only judge what is there now and it is not bad at all
  • Yes it’s short, and it pads itself by forcing you to go all across the maps to find the one veggie you need to talk to in order to progress.
  • Sometimes, you just need to talk to the same veggie more than once and they will give you the key to allow to continue
  • It’s not clearly sign posted but the game is so tiny that you can probably find what you’re looking for just by talking to every fruit and vegetable you come across.
  • It’s a kids game that doesn’t treat kids like brain dead sheep and that should be celebrated.



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