Linux Game Cast 473: Podcast McPodcastface

The Proton President™ says the Steam Deck won’t run everything, Epic loses their case against Apple, Runescape developers nuke RuneLite HD from orbit, Linux PS4 emulator Spline gets an update, and Twitch sues hate raiders.



00:00 Intro
05:40 The SteamDeck won’t run everything
11:00 Steam client overhauls downloads
12:10 Steam beta can print?
14:30 Cathedral 3-D
18:09 Surviving Mars expensive & buggy DLC
19:54 Ultimate Chicken Horse final update
23:44 Epic loses to Apple
33:19 Runescape developers nuke RuneLite HD
37:46 Black Mesa co-op take 2
40:05 Ray traced Serious Sam
43:21 xrdesktop summer of code
45:41 Better p-states for AMD
47:42 futex2 take 3
50:38 Linux PS4 Emulator
53:41 Twitch sues users over hate raids
58:58 Review: REVO
01:09:09 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

What he meant

  • That’s unsettling.
  • Not a good sign when your pre-sale messaging isn’t consistent.
  • I still think it’s a bit weird that they’re running with the opinion of someone who is not directly involved with development of either Proton (anymore) or the GabeGear.
  • And you have the people who are actually directly involved, giving interviews saying the opposite.
  • So I guess we’ll see.
  • Though I do agree that it won’t run EVERYTHING… Just like literally any of the operating systems Steam supports don’t run everything either.
  • I mean, the president of codeweavers might know a thing or two we don’t.
  • Even as is, I’m pretty sure coverage of total games will still be pretty good.
  • Gives it a chonkier library than, say, the switch, much of it you already own.
  • Going to use Darksiders II vanilla as the test.
  • “This is the first time we’ve achieved the level of performance that is required to really run the latest generation of games without problems. All the games we wanted to be playable is, really, the entire Steam library. We haven’t really found something we could throw at this device that it couldn’t handle.” –Griffais
  • I think he was trying to state that the device itself, the hardware specs on this device, can support any game.” –Ramey
  • Does anyone really care as long as EAC makes with the working?

Official Downloads

  • For those of you not playing the beta game.
  • Wondering why your downloads section looks all wonky?
  • New storage management bits.
  • And you too can experience the gang of (I’m guessing) shader updates every time you launch Steam.
  • Your welcome for the 9MB of Dark Alliance.

New Beta

  • Lots’a Linux!
  • It’s mostly the runtime update and ensuring it still works on 14.04… Which should have been EOL’ed in 2019, but what do I know.
  • I do wonder what the runtime update window will look like in those distros which lack Zenity.
  • Libcups gets added to the runtime.
  • Why we need printer support in steam is beyond me, but there you go.
    • Probably some civ game has an actual play by snail mail option.
    • Made me check Steam for a print button.
    • Chromium?

Steam: New Games

Cathedral 3-D

  • They sent two keys. One for us and one for FossMint.
  • Then we got 3 copies on Connect.
  • A screen res option would be nice.
  • It’s rather basic as far as an actual game goes.
  • Looks like something I pooped out over a weekend in the 90’s.

Steam: Game Updates

Marz 2

  • DLC for everyone’s favourite space country music simulator
  • Seems to focus on burrowing underground and expanding your colony to include underground mines
  • Expensive DLC but the game was free for a few minutes to make up for it.
    • Consensus in the reviews seems to be that it’s not worth the money for how much content it has and how broken it be
  • The base game was free to keep for a few days over the past week.
  • Oof, Very Negative right out of the gate.

Update chicken

  • Moral of the story is that Unity online multiplayer isn’t very future proof
  • I don’t blame them for wanting to move to other projects.
  • UCH was one of those successful kickstarter projects that continued to deliver post release, so I think they’ve earned their good will
  • I’m definitely curious to see what the next project out of these guys is.
  • Blindness be damned. I want 8+ player modes.
  • New roller coaster level, a triceratop, and bug fixes.

EPIC Watch

Case decided

  • Some good came out of this.
  • Developers will be allowed to have links for external payment.
  • Just not Epic because they did a dumb.
  • Still a lot of friction for customers but it’s a start.
  • This is the best possible outcome, Epic stays banned and needs to pay the 30% while Apple also takes a hit by having to allow developers to put separate funding options in their apps.
  • Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers gets as many rounds of applause as she wants!
  • And of course Epic is appealing.
  • I hope the appeal does fail.
  • Shows that epic can’t use cash to swing their dick into other people’s Cheerios and also hurts Apple’s ability to exclusively monetization their platform
  • Hooray for Interop!


Runelite HD

  • These lot attempted to pull a Nintendo.
  • Wait until release then nope it from orbit.
  • Damn game still has an active player base.
  • They wanted him to pull his finished project because they were, get this, kinda thinking about maybe doing something similar in the distant future.
  • Seriously, their internal project was in the expiration stages.
  • So if I’m getting this right, they “were toying around with a new version”, threatened to take runeliteHD down, and are now just using it for their client?
    • Pretty much.
  • Stop making me point to EA as the good guys here dammit!


  • The one we were using has been discontinued.
  • This one seems a bit more, involved.
  • It being entirely server side is nice.
  • I guess the downside is you’re gonna need a dedicated server.
  • Which in 2021 isn’t awful.
  • And this one seems to have all the chapters.

Serious Engine: Ray Traced

  • Windows only, for now.
  • It’s a fully path-traced mod, similar to Quake 2 RTX.
  • Some screens.
  • Since it’s based on ickybutt’s version, I’m pretty sure we’ll see a linux build for this in short order
    • That’s the thing, DXR is DirectX specific.
    • And I see one DXR specific call in the source.
      • Because nothing has ever supported multiple graphical backends before. Especially an open source project

xrdesktop summer of code

  • Thanks to Mark over at Collabora for sending this in.
  • The full chinese keyboard is a nice touch
  • Summer of code continues to pay dividends for the XR folks
  • Making that mixed reality open source dream come true!
  • Where’s the other Nova?
  • He’s probably all over this already, but if he isn’t he needs to be told.

Better P-States

  • Better power state management for Zen based CPUs
  • According to the benchmarks it does substantially improve power to performance
  • It’s gonna be real handy for the newmad
  • I like this!
  • The GabeGear is already making waves.

Add wait on multiple futexes syscall

  • So this is take 3?
  • One of these days it will get in and work properly
  • The self test patches are all down in that thread too.

New Spline

  • The closed-source linux-only PS4 emulator got an update.
  • Mostly 2D games at the moment.
  • At the start keeping the source to yourself always sounds like a good proposition.
  • But that may slow things down before long.
  • Still, that is an impressive number of in-game … games.
  • We’ve seen how fast projects like these can snowball.
  • The more stuff they get working the faster new stuff can get onboarded
  • I suspect it’ll remain closed source for a while due to some less than legitimate methods of achieving emulation

Twitch Suing

  • That’s one way to go about it.
  • I hope this goes somewhere and we actually see some change towards kneecapping bigotry raids.
  • At minimum this might make the next edgelord think twice since there is now a very real chance Twitch could come after them.
  • Chilling effect and all that.
  • However, quit treating symptoms and fix your damn bot problem.
  • People have had to roll their own anti bot measures.
  • There’s a recent HOSS/HOST follow wave going on right now.
  • Looking into it there is a wicked-simple temp fix if Twitch would allow it.
  • Wildcard blocking.
  • Most of the bot swarms are NAME_12345.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: REVO
Devel: Cosmic Misfit Studio
Engine: Unity
Price: £11.39 / $14.99 / $17.49

Wazzat: Neon shoot ‘em up to a retro fueled synthwave soundtrack. You’ve drifted into a sinister space storm far from civilization. Dark ships quickly close in on you. Rescued by a mysterious symbiotic vessel, your only hope of escape is to equip for combat and fight for your life.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys



  • Options for Xbox & PS buttons.
  • Well done.
  • No option to dial down that gamepad directional sensitivity.
  • Windowed and fullscreen work.
  • No option for frame limiting or vsync so the OpenGL render is going to hit your GPU at 99%.
  • Can’t quite hit 60 at 2160p but it’s 100+ at 1080p.
  • Neon graphics with a synthy soundtrack.


  • I like the having to conserve ammo mechanic.
  • Outside of that, yeah, you’ve played this game before.
  • It’s a fast paced bullet-hell shoot ’em up with the standard top-down view.
  • You go shooty pew pew, get new weapons, and battle the occasional boss.
  • The guns remind me a lot of the weapons in Hellfire for the MegaDrive.
  • Movement is a wee on the spastic side with no way to dial it down and neon blindness will get you killed to death more than once.
  • For a 1 person project it has plenty of polish but at the end of the day it’s galaga +.
  • The last SHMUP I enjoyed was Dimension Drive and that’s because it brought something new to the table.
  • Is REVO competently done? Yes.
  • Does it bring anything new to the table? Not really.
  • REVO is comfort food, like a spaghetti & gummy bear sammich.
  • Nothing new, no need to RTFM, just hop in and pew pew.
  • It has some rough edges and it’s $14.99.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Holds abou 90 ferps @ UHD
  • Options for playstation symbols are always appreciated. DS4 works fine
  • The soundtrack is kinda funky. A little FTL inspired
  • The neon graphics work, up until they don’t. I was fully confident for those last few levels I lucked out, cuz I was flailing the fuck around character blind


  • This is a very fast review
  • Do you like schmups? If “no”, then skip it. If “yes”, maybe buy it?
  • It’s competent enough. There aren’t too many flaws from a technical standpoint
  • That’s all it really has going for it.
  • I thought the limited ammo mechanic might be a little interesting, but the game shits ammo at you as fast as you can spend it. Even for the pricier weapons, you really just have to ease off the trigger a little
  • You get the ability to shoot in more directions as you progress, and once they start introducing enemies with specific weak points you need to hit, you gotta get a little more creative
  • Although, I swear you can flail your way through most of it. As long as you can keep the murder up, you’ll constant get enough ammo and lives to make it through a level
  • It’s just okay



  • Launched out of the box
  • Doesn’t reach 144 FerPS at 2560×1440.
  • Probably something with particle effects.
  • It looks very neon-y, to the point where I’d have slapped an epilepsy warning right off the bat.
  • Developers enabled Steam input for PlayStation controllers by default
  • Which makes it so all the controllers I have work out of the box.


  • It’s a vertical shmup
  • I’ve mentioned before that DemonStar was one of the very few shoot’em ups I actually truly enjoyed.
  • And unfortunately REVO gets a little too blinding for me to appreciate anything.
  • It devolves into me just flailing the analog sticks while looking at the health/ammo meters and that isn’t terribly fun.
  • It’s not a bad game but the more you play it the less you can see and the less you can make sense out of what’s going on.
  • Which leads to some BS deaths.
  • Again, not a bad game, but not amazing by any stretch of the imagination.



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