LWDW 352: Fedora 37 and Davinci Resolve 18.1

Fedora 37 hungers for Raspberries! Davinci Resolve 18.1 is a spite-crashy mess, simplifying Firefox with Pulse, and a 32GB Orange Pi 5.


00:00 Intro
05:50 Fedora 37
15:02 Davinci Resolve 18.1
25:38 Pulse browser
30:26 Orange Pi 5

Fedorf 37


  • Fedora Linux 37 has been released, with lots of major changes and improvements.
  • Immediately I noticed running the Fedora Linux Workstation 37 live ISO in GNOME Boxes is much quicker.
  • And I love the default wallpaper:
    • The desktop wallpaper boots in GNOME light mode, with a bright blue and green color palette.
    • But the wallpaper can easily be switched to dark mode, with a darker color palette of blues and greens in the Appearance Settings menu.
    • Or in the new GNOME 43 Quick Settings feature accessed in the top right of the GNOME panel. 
  • I am ready now to update my Fedora 36 rig to Fedora 37.
  • There are two new Fedora editions:
    • Fedora CoreOS, the successor to Atomic Host, provides an automatic update mechanism geared toward hosting container-based workloads.
    • Fedora Cloud provides a great Fedora base to run in your favorite public or private cloud.
  • Fedora Workstation features the latest version of GNOME 43, which includes a new device security panel in settings, more core GNOME apps have been ported to the latest version of the GTK toolkit, GTK4, and a more modern look and feel.
  • Fedora Server now produces a KVM disk image to make running Server in a virtual machine easier.
  • The Raspberry Pi 4 is now officially supported in Fedora Linux, including accelerated graphics.
  • Programming languages and system library packages have been updated, including Python 3.11, Golang 1.19, glibc 2.36, and LLVM 15.
  • Fedora, one of the few no frills distributions left. 
  • Something to be said for a distro that gets out of your way and lets the user decide. 
  • I still want the Fedora LTS workstation edition. 
  • Something hardware / software vendors could target. 
  • The 13 month lifecycle is a bit short but I guess that’s what RHEL is for. 
  • Or Debian. 


Resolve 18.1



  • Welcome to (beta) testing in production. 
  • This version should really have a beta tag on it. 
  • It’s really crashy and not just for us Linux nutters. 
  • Hidpi scaling has been enabled for Linux and it almost works. 
  • 100% is borked but 150% and 200 works like a charm if you like comically oversized UIs. 
  • Requires a database upgrade so backup all the things. 
  • Studio 18.1 adds a new AI-based voice isolation track FX so you can remove loud, undesirable sounds from voice recordings.
  • There is a new dialogue leveler that will help balance uneven audio. 
  • People are having mixed results with it. 
  • Makeresolvedeb has been updated for the new version but you can install from the *.run file as well. 
  • Hold off on this upgrade. 
  • Vertical resolution options in project settings for social media.
  • Now Venn can TikTok better ;-)


Pulse Browser



  • There is a new minimal web browser being developed that looks very promising, and looks beautiful!
  • It is called the Pulse Browser, and it is an experimental Firefox fork that is focused on increasing work productivity, due to its hyper minimalistic UI and built-in tools.
  • The Pulse Browser includes easy to access sidebars, includes the uBlock Origin spyware blocker by default, and is easily customizable.
  • It also features Tabliss when you launch the browser:
    • A beautiful, customisable new tab page for Firefox that features widgets for weather, clocks, a quick links/speed dial for your favorite websites, or even literary quotes.
    • Tabliss backgrounds are powered by the huge libraries of Unsplash and GIPHY, or you can use your own.
  • Despite the Pulse Browser still being in alpha, it is very stable and I am using it for my show notes now!
  • Firefox minus the telemetry with a striped down UI and one of those annoying sidebar thingies like Vivaldi. 
  • Has a couple of custom skins and the native one looks okay. 
  • The BetterFox user.js tweaks, which are used throughout the browser. 
  • Tabliss extension to provide a better new-tab experience.
  • Firefox-QR-Code-Generator extension from GitHub for a QR Code generator. 

Slice of Po

Orange Pi 5


  • Welcome to week three of the more powerful and cheaper RasPi4. 
  • This week we have the Orange Pi 5. 
  • It’s an octa-core ARM with WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5, 32GB of eMMC flash, and support for 32GB of RAM. 
  • $80 for 8GB and $116 for 16GB. 
  • Open for preorders and expected to ship in two weeks. 
  • There’s also an onboard microphone, a 26-pin header, MIPI D-PHY and MIPI CSI connectors for cameras or displays.
  • And it has a neural processing unit (NPU) with support for up to 6 TOPS of AI performance.
  • Direct to Amazon or AliExpress preorders, brilliant!

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