Reaper On Linux: Install + HiDPI Fix

Thinking about installing Reaper on Linux? Alright, let’s do it!

Download & Install

1. Head over to the download page and click the green square next to the penguin.

2. Save the *.xz file somewhere in your home directory. For this guide we’re using the Downloads folder.

3. Open a terminal and navigate to your downloads directory.

cd ~/Downloads

4. Extract the *.xz that you downloaded in step 2.

tar -xf *.xz

5. Change into the newly created reaper_linux_x86_64 directory

cd reaper_linux_x86_64

6. Run the shell script.


7. These are the default options for the Reaper installer.

  • [I] Install Reaper
  • [1] to install Reaper in /opt/REAPER
  • [Y] for desktop integration
  • [Y] to symlink /usr/local/bin/reaper to /opt/REAPER/reaper
  • [Y] Proceed with installation
  • Enter your root password to finish the installation.

8. You can now launch Reaper from your applications menu or the desktop shortcut.

9. Select Audio Device from the Error opening devices popup.

10. Configure Reaper for your device in the preferences menu and click Apply followed by OK.

HiDPI fix

1. Open reaper.ini using a text editor

nano ~/.config/REAPER/reaper.ini

2. Change ui_scale_auto=1 to ui_scale_auto=0

3. Change ui_scale=1 to ui_scale=1.9 (Feel free to experiment with this value)

4. Save reaper.ini by pressing Ctrl X followed by Y and pressing enter.

Uninstalling Reaper

1. Change into the Reaper install directory.

cd /opt/REAPER

2. Run the uninstall script


3. These are the default options for uninstalling Reaper

  • [Y] Would you like to remove REAPER from this path?
  • [Y] Would you like to remove desktop integration
  • Enter your root password to uninstall Reaper

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