Installing Presonus Studio One 6.5 Linux BETA

Presonus Studio One 6.5 comes with a Linux beta! Keep in mind, this beta is primarily for plug-in developers and advanced Linux users.

Operating System

The Studio One beta has been designed to run on Ubuntu 23.04. It’s usually a good idea to do as you’re told when dealing with commercial software on Linux.

Display Server

Check that you’re using Wayland by running the following command in a terminal.


Sound Server

Studio One expects a properly configured system running Jack. It might work with pipewire-jack or ALSA but your mileage may vary.


You can download a free 30-day trial of Studio One here.


Install the Studio One Debian package using apt.

sudo apt install ./Studio\ One\ 6-x86_64.deb

Initial Setup

The first time you launch Studio One it will scan for existing audio plugins and allow you to select the installation type.

Audio Device

Under Setup you will be able to configure your audio interface. There are options for Jack and ALSA.

Control Surface / External Devices

You can configure control surfaces and other MIDI devices under the External Devices tab.

Bundled Plugins

You can find the pre-bundled Studio One plugins under the Effects tab.

3rd-party Plugins

Unfortunately 3rd-party plug-in GUIs look like this. Hopefully that will get fixed in a future update.

Final Thoughts

This is a bare-bones demo and Presonus tells you as much. Don’t expect support for LV2 plugins, Thunderbolt interfaces, or advanced integration with Presonus hardware.