Not Dead Yet - Truggy

What up my Glipglops? Long rambling message here, so feel free to edit down or cut out paragraphs for the show.

I've been overboard for a long time - been in the baby bubble, raising a new Truggy. Now that's in a nice routine I'm catching up with LGC and LWDW.

Arch - I do enjoy your Arch discussions. What I liked about Arch, was building a system that's yours! You pick your FS, partitions, swap, DE, etc, and then build exactly what you want on top and a clean base. No bloat, just exactly what you want. Never had a problem gaming on it.

I remember ditching Arch because someone kept updating python, and breaking half of my apps. I know rolling back is a thing, but I'm a lazy bitch - another reason I enjoyed a rolling distro. I had Arch installs that were over 5 years old.

Old distros - It must of been around 2018 when I ditched Arch, because I have a few machines that still running Xubi 18.04. My two daily drivers are both Xubi 20.04 - because, again... I'm a lazy bitch, and I have them both running perfectly. But when it comes to old distros, my online server is taking the piss. It's around 10 years old and built on Debian 6!

When I do get around to a fresh install, it's always a clean install, and I have a list of apps to install, and handy commands, like adding verbose mode to startup. Then use syncthing for most of my /home folder. Copying over old config files can save a lot of time too. (Move this paragraph to LWDW if you want - that's where Venn was asking for feedback)

Spinnies - Not only do I game off a spinny, but it's an external spinny! Because games are so f*cking big nowadays. If I like a game, and there's a problem with load times or disk I/O, I'll can always delete 50/100 gigs of porn from my download folder and transfer the game to my SSD.

Quake II - Thanks for this. First time I played this game thro was when it first came out. Playing on a single core potato, with no GPU, at around 3 FPS or less. Still finished it! Loving this updated version. I nearly fainted the first time I saw the detail in my own shadow.

PS. Pedro.... I highly recommend having a kid as soon as you can afford it. It's the best and hardest thing I've ever done with my life, but it's so rewarding.

Again tho... you need plenty of money!

PPS. My original email was going to start with... "Why the f*ck doesn't protonDB have a tab for hiding all the steamdick posts?" Glad they did something about that.