Epic's Cold Shoulder

Hey Jordan! The WailingFungus04 album sucked because we lost our lead guitar player just after Wailingfungus03 came out.

Anyway, I am quite annoyed right now with Epic and Unreal Engine 4.

I want to work with UE4 because I think it is better than Unity3d, but Unity3d is showing a lot more love for linux than Epic.

Download a .deb for Unity3d, install in a few minutes, and It WORKS! AND has access to their asset store.

Download UE4 source because no binaries exist. Compile for a couple hours only to have it fail. Hunt down the little tricks to get it to compile (few more hours spent). Another couple hours compiling shaders just to get to a workspace that has access to just starter content. Found out that more content is delivered through the Epic Games Launcher Marketplace. Not available in linux!

Go to Epic's linux wiki page and try to download some sample content they say is there for linux users. All I get is a 404, aka... the shit's not there. WTF? I'm not feelin the love from Epic.

I am just a hobbyist trying my hand at making few small games for my kids. Both engines claim you can make games without writing code. What experience have you had with these game engines?

Let the verbal beating begin! Im ready!
- WailingFungus04