DXVK is compiler idea that i brought a idea for linux users long ago...and i did say it would fix the wine problem back since version 1.3 wine....but that time was just one my possibility what SONY used similar for PS3 console....and did show why xbox 360 perform better ...cause native libaries are cling to native drivers under windows system than linux do not...and layer is what thought of for them...another layer for MESA libaries that we got WAYLAND introduce and virtgl for QEMU and other virtual machines that utilize opengl as experiment....that experiment was the foundation what developers continue what i left off ..reason i quit on this project...its how perform is not near as native as i wanted too due many factors users need to take account....DXVK is not native to any dx11 or 12 games...and will perform worst on DX12.1 due to changes microsoft added to library that now utilize newer version c++2019 that will not be possible for any VULKAN library due to complex instruction is used for hardware only works on windows drivers level...that linux drivers have missing components..like new language is only exclusive to microsoft developers when making games on higher budget for big future titles ...we just barely scrape the surface with VULKAN..while DX12 utilize 100% hardware that gives higher FPS than VULKAN and more features for developers...it has optimize codebase for both intel and amd...while DXVK do not...its running through software layer compiler that need little more cpu effort to binary conversion and gpu processing c++ language 2015 code through layer and linux driver layer...that takes 20 fps chunk and more higher delays in frame time needed depending graphical detail level...with raytracing..would be worst off since in need more time free up for gpu within 16ms...on DXVK...its 29ms
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- Dr. Nega