I pre-ordered for a pyra. As little as I use my phone all I really wanted anyways was a laptop that fits in my pocket, runs Linux, that I can send texts with. Not sure if I could do that with a raspberry pi, but the quality of the product would be horrible if I did the work. 2 sd cards/1 mini sd card for storage is just icing on the cake to me.

I don't like the trend of how phones are going. Using glass, curved screens, I can't keep a screen protector on my note 8 without it cracking and never had problems with a previous phone. I want a removable battery so I can replace it if needed. The notch screens just look rediculous. Locking the boot loader on the note 8 was the last straw for me since I'm stuck with their rom of Android or giving up 20% of the battery life for a rooted rom.

Unconventional but honestly as long as the hardware is of good quality I can see myself using this for a few years while hoping the phone craziness goes away or there's a pyra upgrade lol.

And yes there will be a lot of Linux fkry as well lmao
- Dracmas