GOG Downloader RIP

I had a bit of a start when you mentioned GOG cancelling a Linux downloader and panicked for a moment. But as it is I use another command line downloader which has proved very handy. It is called lgogdownloader (original huh?) and is on github.

I already gave the dev props for his work and I encourage everyone to keep this sort of archiving of your digital purchases. As you know this is becoming increasingly more pressing as more and more services start streaming and stop giving out copies of games you can actually own.

There is also a Humlebundle downloader too which serves much the same purpose and I have found vital in keeping track of all the crap I own through a zillion and one bundles I really should not have gotten but did. Game keys are the worst to sort through.

Anyway, here is his link anyway,

Great show guys.. Keep showing us you are smarter than the average beer.

- veritanuda