0.0.4 had been named "Chodo", after Chodo Habat, a character in Knights of the Old Republic II. :)

- 0.0.1 didn't have a release (that's where I started; I probably should have made that 0.0.0)
- 0.0.2 was nicknamed "Aribeth", after Aribeth de Tylmarande from Neverwinter Nights
- 0.0.3 was nicknamed "Bastila", after Bastila Shan from Knights of the Old Republic.

Basically, what I'm going for is to iterate over the alphabet and the games both, in sequence. So the nickname for 0.0.5 (slated for early next year) should be starting with "D" and be a character from Jade Empire. I'm taking suggestions. :)

Oh, also, downplaying the other people working on xoreos as "random contributors" is...well, not really in the spirit of that Thanksgiving post of mine. I do appreciate the contribution of every single line, thought, help, advice, etc. to xoreos.
- Sven