Hating on SteamOS

Dear Gentlemen, I am hating SteamOS right now. I made a SteamBox. I downloaded the latest SteamOS iso(Brewmaster 2.0) and installed it.The installation process went fine and came up with the "login" screen. But I can't log in. The controller, the keyboard, nor the mouse allows me to log in. Looking online shows that many people are experiencing this issue.

I tried following several "guides" to fix this. None of them worked (I think some key steps are missing). I am an intermediate linux user and could follow their instructions, but it didn't go the way they said it would. Please let me know if Pedro runs into this issue (and how he fixes it) when he installs SteamOS. I currently have Ubuntu Mate installed with the steam client, but when I exit games, Big picture Mode loses focus which makes me have to get up off the #%^%$ couch and go to the #$@%& keyboard.

Defeats the point of BPM!

Your Pal,
- Wailingfungus04