It was me (The Syldat ... aka rulespider on twitter) who told Dimension Drive devs quote :

Me !"Oh noes shmupy goodness but no steam os/Linux release"

To which they answered with a panic smiley thrown at the end of their message "What!? Where ?! Where does it say we won't ? So that we correct that immediately"

Had a bit of back and forth with them , then proceeded to shamelessly plug you because sadly for you guys I'm a sucker for anything Shmup. So when I see some shmupy goodness that plans to have a release on the linuxes I'll show them the road that leads to the cocaine voltron. And don't you dare try to stop me you magnificent bastards.

Kindly and Lovingly The Syldat.

PS : when it comes to how bonkers the mechanics of Dimension Drive are , don't worry Venn and Jordan.
Why you ask ? Well this week end I took part in an event centered around shmups. So I gave the game for a test drive to hardcore shumpers who 1CC games like Dodonpachi black label like it's a Sunday morning stroll and they too ended up developing all new flavors of strabismus as well . So even the pros have a hard time guys´╗┐
- The Syldat