I recently assembled myself a Computer the one Part I still haven't gotten is a GPU so now I'm looking to experts for advice ... but since I couldn't find any experts that actually want to talk to me, so I have to ask you Idiots.

So, the facts:
- My Build is this:
- I'm looking to Game but don't need the highest quality (1080p)
- I've been looking around and AMD seems to really be looking up so I want to try my luck getting an AMD GPU

I'm somewhere between RX470 or RX480 (4GB or 8GB) I really don't know and I hope you can spill some advice my way. Also if you think gettin AMD is absolutely mad please don't hestitate to tell me.

Love the show,

PS: I'm currently playing Gothic2 and was wondering if you ever heard of the Gothic Series because it's amazing (though sadly it only Runs via Wine so I already wasted some of my heretic purchases :D
- schtiehve