Distrowatch Algorith


I was observing "Page Hit Ranking" (the list on the right side) of Distrowach and noticed something "funny". The final proof that either some distros "pay" distrowatch to put them on top or there's a secret sauce and some people know how to screw with it.

Yesterday, the order of of distros was completely different. First, years ago Mint was always on top. Judging by the revealed donations (unlike secret donations of Elementary - probably MS, and Manjaro - who knows...) it still should be on Top. Then suddenly Manjaro (for unknown reason) out of the blue gets on top (which was way too suspicious). Yesterday No 1 was Endevour. Less then 24hrs it was corrected (like someone applied a secret sauce, jut to be on top, but not too much to raise suspicion) and MX came on top. MX is a kind of a mess as a distro, why suddenly it came on top is a mystery. Its a mess of some multiple, weired setting GUIs from yesteryay scattered all over the place. Even their Antix distro was made much worse- from 80M idle RAM usage (fluxbox) in one version, to quadrupled next version. And I couldn't get it down (there was no way of fixing it).

My point is you should analyze how to screw them up and call your friends and apply it. To make the most obscure distro get to the top. Let's say Gentoo based Calculate (cld), which is the best KDE and the best Gentoo distro I have ever tested It shows that they use their own creation as a daily driver! - perfect choice of KDE apps for KDE- incl. KDE PiM, mpv+SMPlayer- compiled not for MS Windows (unlike Arch...), Libre Office, Strawberry and amazing GUI (robust, perfectly coded! for all emerge and update shenanigans!!!!!. They pulled it off with all the nooks and cranies of Gentoo updates in a robust GUI for automation and some settings. Awesome! If you want Gentoo and KDE this is the one! I'm keeping it as a backup now! (they also have nightly builds, every day! so you don't have to update of 6months worth of updates. Nobody does this these days. They do!).

Screw Distrowatch. Make them suffer their own "algorithms". MX is crap! If people go GTK route at least it should be Mint (it uses shared libreries unlike that Ubuntu self contained crap - did you check timings of the multiple systmd services required for these "self contained" apps to run? WTF?!. And its still on top. This alghorthm is fake. If you can figure it out, screw them the big time!

Unless someone manipulates it manually. If this is the case. Why not approach them with let's say Calculate and give them an offer, so they can be exposed!!!!

Thank you
- Smith