I'm slooowly catching up on episodes, and I just saw ep. 178. Where you talk about Wasteland 2. And that European guy (the one not living in LA) talked about how bad it is that W2 doesn't support Steam Workshop.

I think that's great. For one, W2 is available on other platforms than Steam (GOG at least), and leveraging the Steam Workshop would be an unfair advantage for Steam-purchasers, as some mods would undoubtedly only be released there. Secondly, Steam Workshop is a terrible mess for Skyrim mods (not that Bethesda didn't make an even worse one with their system on bethesda.net for Fallout 4, but that's beside the point). If you want good mods, check out Nexus Mods:

I don't know if this is the best or most extensive site for Wasteland 2 mods (it definitely is for any of the BethSoft Gamebryo-legacy games though). It is not at all "shady" or whatever it was Pedro called it during the show and has a pretty active community of modders (users and creators) and run by, from what I can tell, a pretty stand up guy.

PS. I'm supposed to say that "I hate you guys", right? Okay: I hate you guys. ❤️
- Freso