Alpakka - Input Labs

Thanks a lot for featuring us in your podcast last week, a couple of comments about what it was said, not super important but JFYI:

- Jordan said that the scrollwheel is used to adjust the gyro aiming up and down, that's not the case, the scrollwheel is just a normal scrollwheel and does exactly the same than a scrollwheel on a mouse. Completely independent from the gyro-mouse emulation.

- You mentioned that even though your mouse had a lot of profiles you never used them, which is fair in a mouse since these are mostly bloat features. But in the Alpakka the profiles are a core feature, since the controller is emulating all keyboard+mouse+xinput devices at the same time, it would be impossible without profiles to make sense out of so many I/O without these profiles for the different use cases / mappings. Also for alt-tabbing and some other usual desktop quick shortcuts. Sounds complex but it is not really

If you have questions or issues, ping us here or in Discord. Enjoy!

Thanks a lot,
- Marcos