Dear Jordan, please help me.

There's a really nice girl I like called Pedro. She's on a couple of Linux-based podcasts, she apparently lives in the UK. There's just something about her giggle that I find really attractive.

The problem is - whenever she talks about Brexit - I want to head-butt her in her pretty face!

Should I tell her...

The British people have decided to govern themselves, rather than be ruled by a bunch of unelected technocrats in another fuck-mothering country. This doesn't mean that everyone that voted for Brexit is either racist or stupid. That's just a over-simplified cope-out. Everyone that is intelligent enough to know anything about the process of governing (local, national or international) voted for Brexit, because it will be better for Britain once the rest of Europe stops fucking with us!

Or should I say nothing and just leave her to have her own opinions?

Love - Truggleswick
- Truggs