Files sharing app

I'm behind in my podcasts, but in LWDW ep179 at the 32 minute mark, you discussed Teleport to share files. I would suggest Dukto, as its cross platform and open source.

Also, I use a Razer Tartarus (and have a Nostromo n52 and n50) for gaming. After updating to Ubuntu 18.04 from 16.04, it no longer remaps keys. I'm thinking it's a permission problem but I don't know enough to fix it.

It still runs and works, as my n52 still remaps activating the LED lights on the device but not the keys.

The developer has poofed and though KBmaster works, I would like to not have to click through a GUI to select my key layout for every game. Any suggestions on where to turn for fixing this?
- TherinS