Fee 2 Play

Dota 2 is the most actively played game on steam and crushes Rocket League on Steam. CS Go also dominates Rocket League on Steam.

For December
Dota 2: ~500,000 average
CS Go: ~340,000 average
Rocket League: ~35,000 average

This is the average number of players playing the game at any given time. There are of course peak numbers too but the average is what is most valuable as it indicates the player pool for finding matches.

The number often reported by game companies doesn't indicate how well the game is actually doing. The important number is the average number of players playing at any given time. This number is usually not released by the game companies. They might say 'active accounts' but we have no idea what active means.

In the case of rocket league, its just 25 million over the course of the lifetime of rocket league. It doesn't indicate the current active player base. Basically, its meaningless and you really shouldn't use it to compare against LoL.

Also, Rocket League is Fee 2 Play and Pay 2 Win trash. Dota 2 is the best online competitive game and you guys suck for not playing it.
- Michael Speth