Lutris 0.5.16 - Mathieu

Thanks for covering the new Lutris release!
I've only been working on fixing crashes cause by a high DPI mouse. Nothing has been changed regarding displays.

When we say a game is completely removed, this means it won't show as uninstalled and the playtime won't be kept, this is not related to game saves.

Pinning a wine version per game has been a feature for as long as we have supported multiple Wine builds.

We no longer ship lutris-wine, we ship wine-GE by default.

It's not about hoping it's stays working, its about catching regressions fast.

If the Steam client is running, Lutris isn't able to keep track of the playtime, this means Steam games have no playtime on Lutris. This is why the sync exists, to replace non existent data with it's actual data.

My divination powers tell me you have talked about ULWGL in this week's show. The latest development version of Lutris now supports it!