Learn Linux

Can we end the myth that using Arch is a good way to learn Linux? Don't get me wrong, I like Arch a lot, sure it has flaws but it's still one of the best distros around!

But running Arch will only teach you how to run Arch. Gain a deep knowledge of Linux isn't tied to which distro you use, it's tied to how much you read and how much in-depth you go.

For newbie users, I would suggest going though any general Linux book that has good reviews and go through it from back to back, then you should be able to take it on your own. Keep an eye on Humble Book Bundles, they often have good stuff.

Once you know about Linux, there are no "user friendly" or "advanced" distros, there are just different flavors shipping with different tools and different versions but in the end it's all pretty much the same.
- Mathieu