I've been listening to your show ever since the world ended in 2020, love what you guys do.

7-or-so years ago, I was replacing a HDD in my desktop and realized I no longer had the registration key to make my Windows USB to work. I thought this was ridiculous since I payed the $200 for an OS. At that moment, I moved to Linux (Ubuntu 16 or something). I will admit, my first 3-5 months, I must have had to wipe my disk and reinstall because I was pushing commands in terminal I probably shouldn't and sometimes lost graphics/screen, keyboard/mouse, etc. But I took every failure as a learning attempt, amd still have a journal of a step by step "how to get Linux working" instructions I wrote out that included app installs and wine configs. Today, I jump around with different distros/desktops depending on use, but my main machine is a 2012 Macbook pro running KDE and I love it.

I have been helping keep older laptops out of the trash, cleaning them up, installing Linux, and giving them to friends and family to even help reduce e-waste. Anyways, thank you guys for giving me this weekly entertainment!