Pedro in Spirit

In the spirit of covering for Perdo, I said something wrong. I claimed that everyone who had their key revoked by the trigger happy dev had received a new key.

TL; DR- Indegala isn't evil, and the dev is a jerk with no friends left

In the spirit of correct reporting it should be noted that key reseller Indiegala took the hit and made right with all of their directly effected customers. Indiegala sewer key reseller reseller "Groupie" didn't, and everyone who bought keys from them got nothing.

The dev generated 10,000 free Steam keys and sold them to Indiegala, which is a "violation" of the Steam sellers agreement. It states that devs should also make all of their "reduced price sales" available on Steam if they are on other storefronts. Valve was especially displeased that the dev had generated all the keys for $0.00 each in an effort to bypass paying the steam tax while still utilizing their infrastructure.
- eMpTy