I hope the Barcelona municipality will periodically inform of the progress to their move to FLOSS. I hope they will get everything they need sorted out, as it would seem in public administration there's many ties to Microsoft's platform and programs, especially for accounting, taxes and payroll, at least that is what you get told if you propose a migration where I live, then again I am unaware if there are any native suitable alternatives for them in the FLOSS ecosystem.

For many tasks it has been stated over and over again that neither Libre Office, Google Docs or WPS Office are good enough replacements, formatting aside, especially when dealing with some spreadsheets that DO require third party .dlls and I do believe that at least up to Office XP (yes, I know 2003-ish) there were differences in the precision of calculations from Excel to Calc and even between Windows and Linux, hope that has been sorted out.
- Thetargos