attempt at hate

Whilst you may call your show the Linux Game Cast, I think you are more like a Linux Gaming Mafia:

The "Linux Gaming Mafia" members:

Venn "The Godfather" Stone. A rare combination of "Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde" and the "Godfather". Most of the time he's Mr. Hyde, spurring on the madness... but just before that flaming disaster, otherwise known as "The Linux Game Cast" enters into a death spiral, Venn, having assumed the persona of Dr. Jekyll, leaps in, pulls back the stick and utters those infamous words "Hi Ho Silv..... (oops, wrong show), it's: queue the music" to save yet another episode. Other times he is much like the "Godfather" orchestrating everything from behind the scenes, not to mention cooking up weird interfaces in Linux.

Then we have Jordan "Fark You!" Cwang. My, what an angry young man..... But then I realised he is a fellow Canajun and lives much closer to our fearless leader "Captain Sparkle Pants" and his merry band of "insert favourite disparaging name here" who steals from the poor and gives to those deemed worthy, all whilst making Jordan pay for everything, including those games he buys, with Canajun Dollarettes, instead of real money! To add insult to injury, Jordan tries to identify with one of the 162 officially recognised genders, but no matter which one he chooses, he's wrong!

And finally we have Pedro "Giggles" Mateus, though he may be Portuguese, at least he doesn't "season" his comments with "BAM".

As for Jill, I shall refrain from saying anything.... I am a gentleman after all, and besides, she is not part of LGC.

So while I sit here and wait for Epic to produce a Linux version of UT3, I shall continue to allow myself to be entertained by the madness known as LGC. I must also mention that Interfacing Linux is another favourite of mine. And finally, I would like to thank all of you for not killing me in a dark alley somewhere.

- Kaptain-Zero