Good job. If the Atari VCS actually comes out at the end of the year, it would probably have around the same performance (if not more) than DFI you discussed ~35:51, at least if comparing the closest DFI ghf51 variant to the hardware specs of the weaker VCS 400.

The VCS will supposedly use the R1606G (hopefully for both the 4 & 8 GB variants). I've done quite a bit of reading on the specs the VCS & these DFI SOCS to get an idea of what to expect should the VCS actually launch. I think the base VCS is not a bad deal for a basic HTPC / lite gaming / Steam box @ $250 and $280, but it all depends on the level of design optimization.

I don't know if they can pull it off b/c of their disastrous and disingenuous approach to the product, but that's another story.
- Linux Lover_84