Realtime Raytracing

Why is this actually important. realtime raytracing has been around for a long time even in some games, not full scenes but for reflections and the like. There is even some webgj examples out there and you don't need a beefy GPU to use them.

For CAD sure raytracing is fine, but its very old hat. No one in the graphics industry use raytracing anymore. Bxdf Piplines (Like blender's cycles or The Maxwell Renderer) are now the standard due to the far better quality and realisim.

Make no mistake Pathtracing is NOT Raytracing.

But even now there is realtime pathtracers, UnrealEngine, GodotEngine3.0 and blender's eevee render (In devlopment). And some done in webgl.

So im not really sure if this is a good thing from AMD as i said above Raytracing is old hat the images in this article are pretty tacky and look like out of the early 2000's
- Foxy