Thought may be of some interest:

had a chat with them over face book:

Q:can I ask you a few questions?

A:Of course you can, fire away!

Q:did I understand correctly, you are in direct competition to steam and then some?

A:So the platform will have a mixture of functionality. So the platform you will be able to buy games from steam, origin and a number of different digital stores and the platform will keep track of where all your digital games are.

Q:So for instance, say you have a steam account, an origin account, humble bundle account and a few other ones. Gex will be able to let you know where your games are on what ever platform you use, but on the Marketplace you can buy games and apply them to which ever account that accepts them through GeX.

A:GeX is designed for those that have a lot of online accounts and want to keep track of everything. Thats one of the functions on the platform.
In short, we aid others to compete against steam and find the best alternatives to using steam while keeping track of where everything is

Q:are you planning to be multi platform? mac linux?

A:Yep, we are looking to make the platform using Electron which will be cross platform compatible when built

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