Not sure if you already noticed this. But last month Patreon updated their Terms Of Use. I didn't really get time to read the changes till recently and noticed this interesting bit.

We restrict some types of content and rewards. You cannot:

Create any content or rewards with real people engaging in sexual or violent acts.
Create any content or reward with nudity, or realistic depictions of sexual or violent acts, unless you flag the page as Adult Content and make the posts only viewable by patrons.
Use raffles, or any prizes based on chance, as a reward.
Create content or rewards using others' intellectual property, unless you have written permission to use it, or your use is protected by fair use.

The thing of note is the "Use raffles, or any prizes based on chance, as a reward.".

I think this is to avoid lawsuits against state gambling laws. (SC:Go flashback?)

Never the less this is mostly effecting a subset of other creators that teach/create physical art and then would give said art to a random Patreon subscriber.

But this could effect LGC future key givaways. But i leave that to you to verify cause it would be sad to have a couple vides dinged by this.

If it does effect you guys, might i suggest a democratic voting style loop hole? Via the chat room voting for a Subscriber? (jury of your peers isn't random right?) You could even call the bot "Comrade-Vote-ski" or "trump-o-matic" (Not that trump the other trump).

- Jolly