Linux at Dell

I worked at Dell for 5+ years and arrived expecting being able to run Linux. Despite launching the Sputnik for customers, Dell was completely unable to offer Linux laptops to employees - even staff doing complex development work and wanting to use Docker or run VMs. Even staff capable of self-supporting their own Linux desktops were not allowed to run them.

I asked repeatedly about running Linux and found many others who also wanted to use Linux, we were told that something was being done but nothing happening for over 5 years (then I left).

In that time I discovered a culture of political affiliations with Microsoft and VMware where the best tool could not win - there was too much money on the table from "partners". So we were forced to use sharepoint instead of a proper intranet or wiki and forced to use awful MS collaboration tools.
End of the day, what big companies say and what they do are not the same thing.

I left after receiving a new Precision laptop with a core i7, 32GB RAM, NVMe and seeing that it took 5+ minutes after logging in before I could even move the cursor. IT department had filled it to the gills with every piece of Windows junk-ware they could and had just taken away our ability to be local administrators.
Now I run Linux for work at a company that understands what employees need.