Love it

Thanks for your show I love it.

BUT we (GNU/Linux users that do not dual boot) can play AAA titles with playonlinux's Steam, it has a special wine edition plus it can be added with the "+ other games" and then favorites to the GNU/Linux Steam client.

And I think AMD's new CGPUs with Zen, can be cheap and good enough to make 200 to 300 USD AMD NUCs and 250 to 350 USD Steam Machines. Cheaper than actual consoles and good enough for gaming at 1080p and even good for 720p playing.

And if someone adds retrogames (with an easy to buy (or legally download) ROMs and install them system and FOSS GNU/Linux games to this Steam Machines including DOSBOX titles to the Steam menu in an easy and attractive way for dumb users (not dumb too, of course) then, it will be a great success.

GNU/Linux, as any other product must be attractive to the general public to easily enjoy it and to the OEMs to easily make money. So perhaps an indirect add making some character addicted to his/her cheap and good enough Steam Machine (as Apple shows us Apple computers in environments not normal for them as police stations) will help to make a critical base of customers for Steam Machines that must bebigger than the 10 Milion Rasberry Pi users (almost 100% using GNU/Linux or Android)
- Miguel