The Vaults of Minos


You featured our Game "Acid Flight" a few months back.

We will release our new Game "The Vaults of Minos" on Sunday, the 26.06.2022 - maybe you would like to give it a shot?

The Vaults of Minos is a arcade plattformer game inspired by 1940s pulp adventure media and 90s jump'n runs.

Levels are procedural generated, but always fun and solvable.

We invested a lot of time to polish the movement code and gameplay to meet the requirements of the die-hard precision-plattformer audience.

We offer full controller support, high-scores, achievements, selectable difficulty, a intro sequence, over 20 different traps, 4 minibosses and a endboss.

The game will be priced with 4$.

If you have any questions, feel free to mail back!
- Valentin