Age 5, Sinclar ZX81 - Destroy power supply within several months, went back to a offbrand Asia Pacific moon ripoff speak and spell.

Had access to various atari knock off(mmm woodgrain consoles). Eventually upgraded to a fancy blue speak and spell thing version of this which had BASIC around 3 years latter( half size 80char single line LCD).

Various Acorn Risc tape driven things around the same time (age 8-9). First networked PC Acorn 1000, age 10-12, first network gaming (fireball on Acorn).

Used Amiga's alot around same time, coveted them; but eventually saw an i386 playing Civilisaion one and got an i486 ~1992. - First 'on-line' gaming and 'internet' via BBS's.

On Said i486 eventually tried OS/2 Warp. Due to Random moon CDROM driver was PITA. Eventually got ahold of Caldera Linux around 1996.

Been Linux primary desktop from around 1998 onwards.
- @aenertia