Jack attack

I'm trying to figure out how to setup Jack Audio. I installed Ubuntu Studio 20.04 onto a netbook I have.

I have a USB Microphone plugged into it, along with a M-Audio M-Track audio interface.

I want to take the audio from the USB microphone and output it from the mixer's speaker ports out of like the Left Channel.

To pipe it into my Xbox Controller, as my microphone audio.

I'd like to take the Speaker audio (Party Chat) from the controller into the Microphone in ports on my Audio Mixer.

So I can tell OBS that my USB Mic is my voice, and the Micrphone port on the Mixer is Party Chat.

I had this working under Windows. But the only way I could get it to work using Pulse Audio was to create a loopback so that all audio looped out though the M-Track. But that made it that if I plugged the party chat into the mixer they would hear that as well.

I'm hoping that if I understand what Jack Audio is that I should be able to create the setup I want. I just can't figure out how to see the devices.
- Troy