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Venn said:

“Following a betrayal, Ariana the Raan is sold to the slavers of the Elpala on the edge of the desert to be sentenced to death in the Arena. For over a year, Ariana managed to defy odds, becoming known as the first female champion of the Elpala Arena, aswell as the first Raan.�Many creatures inhabit these lands, and many would like to see a woman die at the hands of their pride stricken gladiators. But Ariana has a secret, and the secret has kept her alive until now�

Releasing the same day as Apalia HD, Eferu's Game will work like an expansion to your game which will unlock several more levels, enemies and story content. Once installed it will be available to play via the main menu of the game.”


I have requested the beta and (with some luck) I should have it in short order.�

This looks odd and I don't know if thats in a “good way” or not.

I have no doubt they will give you a beta.