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Venn said:

Urfoex said:

Sorry I can't run this resolution. Still have a 19″ with fullscreen max 1280×1024.

I will be honest.

I asked for a hands on demo WELL before Ubuntu Gamer…..-oil-rush/

Thing is those critters last updated on February 14, 2011.�

You would think sour grapes right? At this point it's just sf-frown.gif

You are not the only one. For now they seem to concentrate on making the game rather then trying to merchandise it (that's a good thing I think). Didn't find a news about pre-order on big gaming-sites. Wrote to them and nothing changed. Kinda bad.

There is not that much to preview for now especially as they are also still changing, braking and fixing things. E.g. they broke the exp.point-system and multiplayer and there are like two big crash-bugs (should be fixed in next version I think). It's more like the 0.A.D. alpha you previewed – but much better sf-laugh.gif

I could try to ask them to give you a version to make a really big hands-on-demo�sf-cool.gif if you like.