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Jordan kind of liked it, he said it was “nifty” (several times :D) but also “kind of useless” (how dare you!). To be frank, I agree that it’s a bit useless compared to the full fledged project I have in mind ;)

Pedro, using Steam as a frontend would be a bit complicated since I have no idea if it’s possible to add external games programmatically. It would be more realistic to see Lutris as a frontend for Steam.
I haven’t started supportting Steam for Linux since there’s little point doing that but it would be quite easy to add. Right now, I’m focusing on Steam for Wine and Steam games that have a native Linux port but are not on Steam for Linux.
That said, any kind of frontend could be made: Qt, OpenGL, XMBC plugin, …

Good emulator support will be the main goal the 0.4.x series, I’ll try to compile in a portable way as many emulators as possible and import the TOSEC databases on the website, this should bring up the number of supported games up to a few thousands. This is not an easy task since many emulators haven’t been maintained for years but once it’s done, it will be really easy to play a whole bunch of *retro* *pixellated* *platformers* :D