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There are many things wrong with your post.
#1 You call it Boringcraft, yet you obviously love the game. I assume it’s to try to appease the “Boy’s club” of show hosts? Fuck em, it ya dig lego farmville, wear it proud bro!
#2. Why post a link if you are sure that it won’t be well received here? Looking for another Crafter to come out of the closet? Well here, I dig it. I would play it but I ain’t spending no gawdamn money for it. excuse me while I tuck my genitals between my legs now…
#3.This is an incredibly uninteresting screenshot to choose to shout your minelove to the heavens. Jesus brutha… pick something that shows off the engine’s rendering power!
#4. YOU NAMED THE SEED LGC WEEKLY! YOU ARE BEGGING FOR TROLL RAPE! you’re lucky that you seem like an okay hipster and I like ya… I have now erased my previous three comments because even I thought they were too harsh.

excelsior, fucker.