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yeah just because they offer Laptops and such with Linux does not make their customer service any better. I have owned a Sager, A Dell 1710, and now an Asus Republic of Gamers and I have always dealt with support with issues. With the Sager 3 days before the warranty went out I had video card issues, I emailed them and called them. They had me try a new driver. Things cleared up for 7 days. Then out it went. I called them up and they said simply we are sending you a box to ship it back to us at no charge even though the warranty is out. It came back 7 days later fixed and never had another issue for 4 years till I sold it. The dell Never had an issue, the Asus so far has been great. All these systems came with windows which was never run on them. They were loaded with Linux by me. also to give you a perspective the Sager was $3200.00, the Dell was $2600.00 the Asus was $1300.00. So over the years the equipment has gotten cheaper cost wise. Quality is what you always look for.