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I missed the start of the live LGC Saturday night so didn’t hear about this Very Interesting thread until today when I watched the beginning of LGC on youtube.

I’m still a little confused though, rat. What did you mean when you wrote “When it finished downloading, it gave me the WINE version of the game?”. How do you run the game? Venn said Steam for Linux will automagically try to run it under WINE – I think based on that sentence of yours I quoted. But then you later seem to indicate you can’t actually do that because in answer to EvilPenguin’s question “The game launches the WINE version from the Linux client??” rather than just saying “Yes” (or “No”) you give a confusing answer that includes “Still says not avaliable on the platform”. But, did it say that when you were trying to download it or when trying to launch it? If it says that when trying to launch the game after downloading with Steam for Linux, then how do you actually launch the game “in wine manually”. Do you have to launch Steam under Wine? Do you have to copy the files back to Steam under Wine first? Are you saying you can actually launch the game outside of Steam?

Please clarify. Also, yes, I would like the detailed steps posted in this thread.

Thanks in advance.